Chapter Ten

Carpenter: na who be this girl?
Me: na my sister from benin.
Carpenter: waoh so you get fine sister like this na im i never see her before.
Me: thank you for opening it for me.
Carpenter: no wahala na you na my oga.
I took everything and dissappear home, i got home and took the disk i insert it inside our dvd players and wait for it to play, i waited for two minutes, then i remove it and insert it again, for where the disk no still gree play, e be like say my dvd don they get fault, maybe the lens don weak, i go carry am go vareeth house go watch later, i package the disk and kept it inisde the suitcase, i look at the picture very well, the girl look familiar to me but i cant really recall where i saw her before, i kept the picture separate maybe later i will remember her.
I stroll outside and saw corper and carpenter in our landlady’s frontage discussing (me and corper share the same landlady, he stay down the upstair), i greet and join them.
Me: oga corper i hear say them they give scholarship to some people for una school.
Corper: yes na true, them go write exam on monday, who make am go write waec free of charge, you wan join them write?
Me: yes i want join, abeg them get any condition?
Corper: only say you must be indigene of owan east.
Me: okay na no problem, i go enter una school on monday be that ( even though i be owan west, i go find way).
Carpenter: big bros like you they find free something abi?
Me: ha bros, who no like better thing.
We continue gisting, then a fine murano jeep pass our front.
Carpenter: oboy na that small boy Ojo they ride that car oh.
Me: Ojo for here wey be 16 years?
Carpenter: yes na, the guy don hammer money well well.
Corper: hmmm the way small boys take they hammer for this village they surprise me oh, na how them they get the money self?
Carpenter: na yahoo yahoo them they do na,.
Corper: taaar, which kind yahoo, men wey they do yahoo no dey quick hammer like this.
Corper: na true you talk sha, but i hear say them they sacrifice something before maga go pay.
Me: something like what?
Carpenter: something wey they very close to them.
Corper: so na wetin Ojo come sacrifice wey im come hammer like this?
Carpenter: i nor know oh.
Me: wait wait wait e fit be true oh, because last month Ojo father die through accident and the machine wey him father take get accident na Ojo buy am for am.
Corper: Jesus Christ so you mean say na true be all this rumous?
Carpenter: hmm that means him sacrifice him father na.
Corper: hmmm when nemesis go hold am nobody go dey beside am when him they bed they die.
Carpenter: corper forget that one, so far say him don enjoy him money finish wetin remain again
Corper: so you mean say you go join them if you get the chance.
Carpenter: i go over join them remain.
Corper: na God go forgive you.
Carpenter: go sit down, you they here they form holy holy as if nor be you sin pass.
Corper: which sin you see me commit.
Carpenter: that girl wey they your room now no be fucck una just fucck finish,
Corper: forget that one, that one na small sin.
Carpenter: mumu sin na sin, nothing like small or big.
Corper: go join yahoo na, make you sacrifice your mother.
Carpenter: my mother don old reach to die, so e no go pain me at all, abi Oz?
Carpenter: bros oziegbe
Me: yes (i was almost lost in thought i was thinking how big boy like me will enter this small school and be writting free waec wey my mummy na nurse, omo na big fuckup oh)
Carpenter: na wetin you they think like this?
Me: no mind me joor, i just they reason go somewhere.
Corper: you they reason your babe abi.
Me: me i be virgin oh.
Carpenter: virgin kill you, you think say i nor they see those girls you they carry pass backyard enter house.
Corper: na you they see me with girls, na you still they see Oz with girls, come oh, your eye na CCTV?
Carpenter: na wetin be CCTV?
Corper: oh sorry i don forget say you nor go school.
Carpenter: i nor go school but i clever pass you wey be corper.
I got up and started going home.
Carpenter: you don they go.
Me: yes, i just remember something now.
Corper: you remember say your girlfriend they come?
Carpenter: everything about you na girl corper, you better change oh, okay Oz later na.
Yes i just remember something now as they were discussing something struck my head so i had to go inside to verify very well, because the picture on that briefcase is the same girl i saw that pass me that same night.

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