The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow. (Chapter Six)

I ran like usain bolt till i exhaust all the strenght in my body finish, i look back continuously to know if somebody is following me, i saw
nobody so i slow down a bit.
Who the hell is she? they use to tell me that owan river has many Mami Water i didnt believe it, as i heard from someone that the first
bridge was destroyed by mermaid and the second one was build by white men,
and they said two white men lost their live when building the bridge,
if you still go there today you will see the failed bridge there
covered with sand and grasses, i continue walking, i check time still
after nine, waoh time still dey so i follow old road, maybe i will buy
pepper soup meat for junction when i reach there, after i pass the
ogboni man house, four blocks after the house i saw people rushing
inside one building, i was adamant to know whats going on so i
followed them inside the building, on my way i ask one of the lady
carrying baby on her back as if na Jesus she want go see,
Me: sorry ma, please whats going on here,.
Madam: na some guys for uzebba them come do programme here and them
they perform miracle.
Me: okay thank you ma.
Chai my uzebba boys, uzebba is the headquarter of iuleha local
government, my papa village, they are known for their strong
witchcraft around edo state, and i believe this one they are doing
here now is a form of magic to decieve people.
I go inside, see as people many, chai people like miracle well well
oh, i look time 9:45pm so i decided to wait for like ten minutes.
Pastor: i dont know why people will be running from their various places
to look for miracle when miracle is in their doorstep, we are here
today to spread the goodnews of god (no be my God oh) and heal the
He continue preaching for some minutes before he later call the sick
people, one woman wey blind come forward, the pastor took one handkey
and put inside water he use it to rub the woman’s face and alas she
regain her sight and started rejoicing, (na wetin they that water me i
nor oh) see as people dey follow her rejoice. the man continue healing people like pastor chris while people continue rejoicing like people freed from slavery (well na slavery sha)
i just stand they look the miracle wey im dey perform, after some time he shouted “put ur hands in any area in your body that you know is paining you” see everybody begin they check themself, wetin me go since i nor get where they pain me, i put hand for head, then the man started praying, come see as people they fall scatter for ground, the one wey interest me pass na the ladies wey dey fall open yash for ground, chai omo i swear some people go get attention oh like me.
Then after some time, the man walk inside the crowd, me wey i stand jejeje the pastor no know who him want bring
comeout na me im see to carry out, base on say na Uzebba boy i nor
fear am, he took me to the altar and said.
Pastor: you are oziegbe right?
He ask me, na how im take know.
Me: yes i am.
See as people they shout because of only my name wey im get talk.
Pastor: there is an evil spirit monitoring your life.
Me: how?
Pastor: my god showed me in a vision that you will be great, but that cannot happen until that evil spirit is cast out of you, would you
want to be free mr oziegbe
Me: yes sir.
Pastor: thats very easy, i will band and lose that spirit but you have to drop everything in your bag
as a sacrifice (people wey him dey heal since im no collect money na
my turn im want chop money abi).
Me: dont worry i dont need the prayer again, i said as i turn back and walk out of the congregation church, he shouted at me as i leave “mr man i tell
you, you will come back here sooner than later ”
thunder fire im head.

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