Chapter Seven

Unknown: na me they ask you where you they rush they go this night?
Me: na who you be?
Unknown: na me be ogijio the carpenter.
Me: na wetin come make you they ask me where i they go?
Carpenter: people fit catch you for road if you comeout oh.
Me: na which people go catch me and why?
Carpenter: people just rob now and vigilante they find them.
Me: so i be like thief for your eye?
Carpenter: i know say you nor be thief but i just they caution you.
Me: than you sir, am not a stranger here and i know my way.
I left him standing on the pole like lizard, i enter old road and face the way to the mysterious house wey mysterious miracle for they go on.
The one wey everywhere they quiet so i hope them never commot oh, i enter the house and saw few people arranging sit, i look around for the pastor i didnt see him, i meet one of the member and ask him.
Me: abeg wey the pastor they?
Member: them don go na.
Me: whaaat when? (i scatter spit on his face)
Member: few minutes ago. (he use his hand to clean his face)
Me: chai i don die.
Member: is everything alright sir.
Me: everything is not alright my brother, chai na which kind thing be this na.
Chai i don enter yawa be that so i no go write waec be that, i left the church like a lost soul, on my way before getting to the main old road, somebody dress in cooperate approach me from behind.
“sir sir”
Me: yes
Unknown: please sir whats your name?
Me: am oziegbe, why do you ask?
Unknown: mr oziegbe our pastor said we should give you this.
He gave me an envelop and left without even waiting for me to thank him, i open the envelop and saw some money and a letter, waoh i was so happy that i ran home i will count it later.
Almost getting to my house i saw some guys running after me like they are running after somebody holding cuttlas and other things, so i fasten my step but it seems they are running towards me.
Guys: make una hold am we go kill am today, thief thief stop there, they shouted.
E be like say them they many put cus i begin see different people coming from different angle, but why them they call me thief na, so i decided to wait to prove that am not running from them and am not a thief but alas “gboooa” a heavy iron landed on my forehead.

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