Chapter Seven

Tina took me traight to my house, we
drove in silence, me i never still get
myself, what if i die just now, na so my
own for end, hmmm i never reach to die
oh i never enjoy at all, i still need more
rice to eat, more pucci to suck and to
fucck of course, assuming i die just now
na heaven or hell, well na only God go
answer that one. getting to my house i
told her to stop,
Tina: why?
Me: just drop me here please.
She stop the car, i open door and walk
out of the car majestically, them just dey
look me, i begin waka they go my house,
them still they there dey look like people
wey they trail their target to kidnap, i
told them to stop because i nor want
make my bro see them, that guy to get
mouth make im nor say i don dey follow
bad gang, and from there my mum go
hear and once my mum don hear my
elder brothers go hear and that i will not
like, i reach my house and greet my
loving family, chai na this sweet family i
for leave behind just like that abi, na God
go punish satan, i nor even enter
parlour i just went straight to my room
lay my head on my bed and sleep like a
little baby, nothing go make me go tina
house again is over i want to be alone,
but can i really be alone, question for
the gods.
I slept for like 2 hours or so, then i
heard somebody calling my name, i
thought i was dreaming then i heard a
tap on my leg, i stood up and saw my
Me: bros na why you come disturb my
sweet dream na i don they reach the
sweet part?
Cactus: person dey find you.
Me: na who.
Cactus: she they outside,
me: na who be the she?
Cactus: go and see for yourself.
He left just like that, why im nor want tell
me who the person be na, and im say
na she, as i dey so i don dey fear oh
especially girls, make e no be say na
tina oh.
I sluggishly got up from my bed, i went
out to see the person, i go front of our
house i nor see anybody, i waka go
hospital and i saw her pressing her
phone, sitting on one long bench for
front of the hospital, waoh she look
climb the stairs, walk up to her and sat
down like a boss (na my house i dey).
Me: good evening
mabel: evening.
Me: what do i owe this surprise visit?
Mabel: why are you avoiding me?
Me: am not.
Mabel: then what are doing?
Me: am just trying to stay away from
Mabel: trouble like what?
Me: you know what happen the last time i
Mabel: am not saying you should visit
me, you are just running away from me.
Me: no am not.
Mabel: then why did run when i was
coming to meet you in church?
Me: i didnt run somebody was waiting
for me outside, so i had to leave.
Mabel: and who is that person.
Me: someone you dont know.
Mabel: you are still angry with me right?
Me: am just scared i dont want anything
that will cause any problem.
Mabel: i know what my dad did was
wrong, even my dad later regret it.
Me: really?
Mabel: yeah he regret it, he said that it
wasnt entirely your fault.
Me: whose fault?
She bend her head.
Me: wether your dad regret it or not, e
doesnt matter, your brother is a cultist
and i dont want to associate myself with
cultist at all,.
Mabel: is it my bro you are dating or
Me: doest it matter, are you not family?
Mabel: and so what does that got to do
with me.
Me: you guys are family and anything he
do will surely affect the family in one
way or the other.
Mabel: so what are you trying to say.
Me: i just want to be alone.
Mabel: wait, are you telling me that you
dont want me again?
Me: something like that.
mabel: are you serious?
Me: i dont know, (i remember how i
nearly die because of all this cultist
thing) i think i am.
Mabel: hmmm, something happen at
home, my brother friend was killed 3
hours ago, and i thought i could find
some loving hands to lay my burden on,
but here you are breaking my heart
(she started crying)
She took her bag and walk out of me,
she pause came back and give me a
dirty slap, then she walk out.
Did i do the right thing?
T he next morning i do my morning
prayer, i check my phone and see 8
missed calls 6 from tina and two from
unknown number, i didnt call back i nor
get credit so i just leave the phone for
ontop bed and got up and get set to go
to school, i went to meet my mum.
Me: good moring ma.
Mummy: morning, how you dey.
Me: i dey fine, i want travel after my
Mummy: travel go where?
Me: i wan go auchi.
Mummy: haha na auchi here you dey call
travel, no wahala so far you finish work
wey dey farm.
Me: ok thank you ma.
I nor know why my mummy like farm like
this even though government dey pay
her well she still get three farm join,.
I enter road dey go school, after
10minutes walk i reach austine place and
branch to meet him, i met him watching
film and eating eba
Me: guy how far.
Austine: i dey oh.
Me: why your house dey empty what of
your people?
Austine: them don go work na only me
Me: you never ready?
Austine: i don ready oh, na you i dey
wait for na,
Me: oya ready make we dey go.
Austine: abeg wait make i finish this
small food for belle.
Me: oya eat sharp sharp.
Austine: you nor go join me or you don
eat for house?
Me: i nor get appetite to eat.
Austine: why na?
Me: na long story joor.
Austine: i dey listen.
Me: no be now after we return from
school i go explain everything to you,
make i nor disturb our brain this
Austine: okay i hope you nor go dey
disturb me for road say hungry dey
worry you oh.
Me: abeg eat make we dey go we don
Austine finish his food and we left for
school together, chatting along the way,
even though i nor read i nor say i go
write because this subject na biology and
i know biology well well, we get to school
and i revise my book for 1 hour, 10am
sharp we start the exam, the exam went
smoothly and peacefully, after exam me
and and austine enter road dey go
house, we never waka twenty minutes
when one small camry 2:2 park for our
front, three guys came out with guns,
they look suspicious, i look at austine
and beckon on him to run, , me and
austine run enter bush as they ran
after us with matchete and guns shouting
on us to stop or they will shoot us.

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