Chapter Four

I got home and arrange the letter inside the
envelope with my other credentials, i took my
bath and wear my clothes, spray my perfume,
i check myself for mirrow after confirming
my appearance is okay, i set out to summit
the letter, i lock my door and drop the key
On my way i pass the place i bought indomie i
saw her i mean the lady and wave her, she
wave me back shinning her beauriful teeth, i
keep on walking for good five minutes till i
get to the company, of course the company
is not only big but also huge, i knock at the
gate and a security man ask who am i, from
the leep hole in the gate, i told him am here
to summit my letter of application, he told me
they are not looking for worker, he wanted
to close the hole before i shouted that i was
send by chidinma, he close the leephole and
open the door for me, i enter inside the
compound not very big but also a sight to
He directed me to the security office, i enter
there and greet the oga i met there.
Me: good evening sir.
Oga: good evening, how can we help you?
chai see im macho voice like king kong, he
look like someone that fought nigeria civil war
because the kind mark on his face make him
look like a warlord.
Me: sir am looking for job and i was directed
here by chidinma.
Oga: who is she to you?
Me: she’s my friend sir.
Oga: okay did she tell you about the
Me: yes sir, i have them here sir.
Oga: okay bring them let me see.
I handle the envelop to him, he look at it then
sign, are you with the fee?
Me: yes sir,
i gave him the money, he kept it inside locker
and brought out two form,
Oga: you will feel this form and your
guarantor will fill the other one, who is your
Me: i dont understand sir.
Oga: i mean the person that can stand for
you and we can hold responsible incase you
Me: well am staying with my elder brother
and i guess he will be my guarantor.
Oga: okay he will fill this form by himself and
attack two of his passport with it, and you
also will attack two of your passport with
your form when returning them okay.
Me: no problem.
Oga: okay you can go, bring them tommorow
morning so that you can start the training.
Me: okay thank you sir.
I left the office and walk out from the
compound to the main gate, the security man
at the gate opened the door for a car to
come in, the car pack at the compound and
two big white men came out of the car, i
thought is only two of them,
when i get to the gate, the security man open
the gate for me, i look back once more and
saw a beautiful white girl coming out of the
car, oh men na this one them they call
ogbono feli feli.
Security Man: wetin you they look? come on
leave here, he shouted at me.

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