Chapter Four

i was scared like hell, i came out from where i was hiding, walking slowly to where she was looking at her straight in the face to confirm if i know her, but unfortunately i dont.
Unknown girl: Hi
Me: (amidst fear) who are you and what do you want from me? Am telling my blood is bitter and am covered with the blood of Jesus christ.
Unknown girl: hahahaha man like you dey fear?
Me: who are you please (getting inpatient) and why are you bothering me?
Unknown girl: bothering you, want from you? Am adanna your friend.
Me: who the hell is adanna, i have never come across that name before, am sorry i dont know you and you should stop following me.
Unknown Girl: Am adanna, and you know me
I look her face very well, i never see this kind person before for my life oh, still look scared i said
Me: am sorry i dont know you.
Adanna: remember that time, me and your neigbour chinansa were cutting bitterleaf at your backyard in the night when you offer to help us.
I remember then that was like 6months ago, she came to visit her friend chinansa in the night and they came to our backyard to cut bitterleaf where i was reporting my book, she look so beautiful that i wanted to woe her then but i just bone the matter base on say i dey knack chinansa, i nor wan fuckup then, i greet her and compliment her beauty though i didnt ask her name then, i never saw her again even though i look for her, i collect her number from chinansa phone secretly but her number was always switch off any time i try it, so i gave up, and now here she is, like a ghost.
Me: adanna? waoh, you have change drastically (of course she has change, she now has big butt and big breast like nicki minaj)
and how the hell did you know i was one the one passing.
Adanna: i know your movement.
Me: how would you know my movement when u’ve seen me just once.
Adanna: not only once, you always pass this road every weekend and i always see you.
Me: and you never call? and what stop you from coming to our compound again?
Adanna: chinansa told me to stop coming so i stop.
Me: why would she say that.
Adanna: i dont know, i thought you are in best position to answer that question.
Hmmm, i hope she never tell you say we dey do that thing.
Me: no i dont know anything, so where are you going, and by the way you scare the hell out of me.
Adanna: sorry about that, you pass my street, so i thought i should say hi.
Me: (na im you come dress like person wey dey go cult meeting) ok its late just give me number, i will call you tomorrow
Adanna: i thought you have my number.
Me: (how did she know that) yeah i do, but your number is always switch off.
Adanna: ok dont worry i will call you,
she said and start going, i tried to call her back because am not sure she will call, she just look back and wave me bye.
Hmmmmm, something is fishy, how did she know my name, and how will she call me? Question for the gods.
I got home rest my head on my pillar why i enter into dreamworld.
I never heard from adanna again for 2 months, i even proposely stroll that area in the night but i never saw her again, i called that her fake number but stll switch off.
Then the unexpected happen around 1am in the night in my house as i went outside to ease myself, i pass my neigbour room, and close to her window, i saw a figure in my backyard sitting down on my neighbour’s window.
Me: adanna?
Adanna: hi sweetie
Me: what are you doing here?
Adanna: waiting for you to comeout.

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