The Carpenter, The Witch And The Mysterious Mirrow. (Chapter Five)

Me: eyaa i nor know oh sorry you here abeg come tomorow make i give
you another one as you can see, i just close my door.
Girl: which kind thing be this, abeg take your condom and give me my money joor.
Me: which money?
Girl: my 50 naira for the condom na.
Me: i didnt take the money i told the boy to return it.
Girl: seriously, so the boy ran with my money, and why would you
return the money by the way?
Me: because is not everyday i see pretty girl like you in this
community, so just take it as a compliment.
Girl: hmmm anyway give me my condom (see as she just talk am, wetin
she nor first fit talk before.
Me: hahahaha am close already come tomorrow please.
Girl: i cant, i need it this night.
Me: i cant open again.
Girl: please.
Me: hmmm or maybe we can strike a deal.
Girl: okay tell me,.
Me: well if you give me your contact, maybe i will reconsider.
Girl: okay bring the condom first.
Me: no your contact first.
Girl: okay, cherrymay222@
Me: what i meant your number.
Girl: no you said contacts, and thats my contact, a deal is a deal.
I was kinda angry and yes a deal is a deal, so i put hand inside my
bag and brought out a real condom,.
Girl: so you have it all this while.
I just vex give the girl the condom and enter road they go, she stood
akimbo looking at me, then she shouted ” cherrymay is my name”
i look back and smile and wave her bye, i wonder what type of name is
that, cherrymay, abi na cherry wey them dey eat perhaps cherrybrown
. Shud tel us d meaning,
I beging waka go my place for inside night wey everywhere dey quiet,
well thanks to God there is full moon, i reach the dangerous bridge,
the brigde dey so narrow thus two big lorry cannot go through at same
time and everywhere dey bushing, i walk fast when i get to the bridge,
i was tempted to look down again but i was kindof afraid to do so, but
i heard a splash of water, i stop and move to the edge of the bridge,
i look down as if i dey find something wey fall, i didnt see anything
inside the river only the reflection of the moon wey dey up, inside the river through the reflection something start coming out, the thing
look like hairs, yellow hair, i wanted to run but i must see whats that
thing, i continue looking, the thing started rising through the
reflection of the moon inside the river, i lookup and saw nothing in
the moon, i look down again the thing don rise just like hairs yellow
like the sun, then i saw the body a yellow beautiful woman, facing the
other side of the River backing me, she wear cowries on her neck,
then as if something told her sombody is looking at her she turn and
face me i saw the glowing eyes like a star then i ran.

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