Chapter Five

Waoh that girl fine die, she look like the girl
that Chitti fell in love with in the movie CHITTI
i walk home feeling happy, all i have to do
now is give my bros the guarantor form to
fill then i can start work, but this one my
bros is not around now what do i do? maybe
i should just fill my own form and return it, i
will tell them my bros is not around till next
tommorrow, if they allow me i will start,
anytime he come’s back he will fill it, i called
my bros and he said he will come back in two
days time that i should take care of the
I got home, since light dey make i they watch
film, i put one cassete relax for chair, i wasnt
concentrating because that indian girl still
they burn my mind like fire, how girl go they
fine like that? Well maybe na because na
indian girl she be, i nor say na dream i dey
because there is no chance for me talking to
her, but there is no harm in trying now abi,
but that company big oh, how i go they do
security for that kind company wey i suppose
be one of the worker, well make i start as
security first maybe with luck i fit be one of
the worker, i just pray make i nor fuckup.
I continue thinking about everything when my
phone started ringing, i look at the screen
and saw chidinma, so i pick it up.
Me: hello ma.
Chi: this one your voice is like this, i guess
your day is good.
Me: thanks to you.
Chi: have you summit it?
Me: yes i did, and he gave me some form to
fill, he told me to bring them back tomorrow.
Chi: that is good news, i hope you have
started filling them.
Me: no i’ve not i will do that later.
Chi: okay anything you dont understand you
can call me.
Me: thank you ma.
Chi: you are welcome.
Me: but i dont know what to do with this
guarantor form oh.
Chi: give it to your brother to fill it na.
Me: he is not around and hes not coming
back till two days time.
Chi: well you have to wait for him cus i dont
see how you will start without the guarantor
form oh.
Me: well maybe i can tell your oga that
anytime he come he will fill it, i just want to
start now.
Chi: then just ask him and see what he will
Me: okay mam.
Chi: stop calling me mam, you know my name.
Me: ya sorry, i just see you as a big sister
to me cus of the way you are helping me.
Chi: hmmm like a big sister you mean.
Me: yeah, and my wife.
Chi: hahahahaha then you should be calling me
sweetheart if you take me as your wife.
Me: okay sweetheart.
Chi: hahahahaha, are you alone at home.
Me: yes sweetheart.
Chi: okay am coming.
Me: yes sweetheart.
Chi: cook something for me oh.
Me: yes sweetheart.

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