Chapter Eight

Guy 1: make una bring tire.
Guy 2: i get matches for here self.
Guy 3: this one own don finish today, no be thief you wan thief, na hell fire you go go continue the thief.
I was lifeless on the ground with blood gushing out of my mouth and face swollen up also, i look like someone that was hit by a trailer, i manage to open my eye to see commandos surrounging me, i saw another guy bringing tire while another person hold jerican, i think it’s a fuel that’s inside the jerican,.
“gboooai” a star of bottle scattered on my head for the third time, i fell down flat facing God, one big bros came closer and lift me up he took me middle of the road where two tires is, he drop me there and take one of the tire and put it on my head.
Bros: oya say ur last prayer.
I look up and saw crowds as if na football match them they watch, i but i cant believe none of them recognise me.
Me: bros am not a thief, i manage to say struggling to breath.
Guy 3: so you even still they deny am after we don catch you red handed.
Guy 2: you no be thief wetin this eight thousand five hundred naira they do for your hand?
I dont have the strenght to speak again i tried to open my mouth but nothing came out.
Guy 1: that one don do make we roast am like chicken.
Unknown: una no they roast anybody (i look around and saw the carpenter)
everybody turn to his side,.
Guy 1: and na who you be?
Guy 3: na that carpenter.
Carpenter: na me be ogijio the carpenter.
Guy 1: you know am?
Carpenter: yes na nurse pikin, and i know when him commot for house just now.
Guy 1: wait wait, you mean miss wey they that hospital?
Carpenter: yes,
Guy 2: yes na him oh, i nor even look him face since self.
Guy 1: thank God say we never burn am oh.
everybody start to they disappear one by one murmuring, the carpenter walk to me and grab me like small piking, the carpenter grab well well just like batista, he took me out of their midst as they kept on telling me
Guy 1:bros no vex oh, abeg we nor know,
Guy 2: we go pay for your treatment you hear.
Carpenter: i tell you make you nor come out,.
I didnt even have strenght to speak as i relax on his back like new born baby, he took me to his house and lie me down on one of his bench, he went inside to bring water he use it to wash my face, then he use white cloth to tie my head like someone wey big show give the knockout pounch.
Me: na how you take know?, i manage to say as i try to sit down.
Carpenter: take am easy sir, i hear the noise from here, so i just say make i check wetin they happen i nor know say na my neighbour they trouble.
Me: thank you joor, i lost my money so i had to return back to look for it,. Then i remember the money i look around didnt see any sign of envelope.
Carpenter: wetin you they look for?
Me: the envelop, did you see it.
Carpenter: no i nor see any envelop oh,
chai i don die today even after the beating i still lost that money, hmmm that means no waec for me be that.
I was so disturb that i stood up and start moving up and down with my two hands on my waist.
Carpenter: na how much dey inside?
Me: na eight-k-five oh.
Carpenter: e big oh, na how you go do now?
Me: my man abeg thanks alot make i come they go house, my mum go don they worry.
Carpenter: oya na, make i follow u reach house.
Me: no oh, see my house for your backyard here na, no need bro u don try for me today thanks alot.
I left him and pass backyard to my yard, beside the landlord’s house in front of my house, as i wanted to remove the plaster from my head, something happen.
A beautiful girl with nice eyes, nice boobs, nice ass, nice leg, nice hair, e.t.c wearing white and white walk from the back of the landlord’s house, we pass each other, her perfume perforated inside my nose, oh boy i almost faint because of the saint, she didnt greet me she just pass me while i continue looking at her till i go jam coconut tree in front of my house, how beautiful girl like that go they waka by this time of the night, omo that girl too fine oh, if i no approach her i fit no see her again oh, i ran to front of my landlord’s house i look everywhere i didnt see her again, abi she don disappear i search everywhere i didnt see her so i gave up and return home thinking what my mum will say when i get home, i just hope she forgive me.

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