Chapter Nine

I got home and knock on our door my mum didnt answer, i knock three times still no reply then i pass our garden and find my way to her window, i called her thrice before she answer me,.
Mum: who be that? she said amidst sleep.
Me: na me make them open door.
I walk back to our door and wait like forever before she open up,.
Mum: where you go since?
Me: i go find the money.
Mum: you see am?
Me: no i didnt.
She just walk back to her room to sleep, i lock our door and enter my room, i took two hot blue film and came back to parlour to watch, i put my earphone in the loader so that my mum wont hear the noise and as the film just they start nepa they take light, chai na God go punish those yeye people, i went inside my room and relax, i started thinking about her, who is she? Where did she come out from?
I have never see her in this surrounding before, and for she to be walking alone in the night then she must have a stonic heart, i continue thinking about her till i enter dreamland.
i was in a place unknown to me, everywhere was white, just like a stadium, the chairs, the field, the goal, building everything was painted white i was all alone in the middle of the field wearing complete black, then i look at the door entrance i saw a white handkie on the ground, i walk there and as i wanted to pick it, the handkie move forward, i followed it and as i get closer to to pick it up, the handkie move further forward, we continue like that till i came out of the stadium and saw a wide swimming pool very big like a river and i look at the middle and saw somebody a Girl, she turn her back at me so i cant figure who she is, i move closer to the pool and saw tips of blood coming out of her back like say needle pierce her back, i ran to edge and shouted.
“hello lady you are bleeding comeout of the river now” she started turning around slowly like a pendulum ball, she wasnt moving any of her body but she was turning, i gaze myself very well to see her face, as she don they turn face me finish then somebody tap me on my leg.
I screamed and got up sweating, then i saw my mum standing beside me.
Mum: standup make we go pray, day don break, she wanted to turn back then she stop and ask.
Mum: Jesus Christ, wetin do you for head? She said turning my head sideways.
Me: good morning ma.
Mum: i say wetin do you for head?
Me: na vigilante beat me up.
Mum: how come and why you nor tell me since yersterday?
Me: them they punish thief so when them meet me them think say na me be the thief naim them begin beat me up, because them see money for my hand.
Mum: hai Jesus Christ, sorry eeh abeg come make we go pray first then i go treat you i must go see those people oh,.
After prayer she fix my head with some spirit and iodine and bandage it with real bandage.
Me: mum, na how i go come do my waec na?
Mum: no worry about that one, school wey they here they offer scholarship to 20 people on monday, so you go go try your luck, if e no work i go give you the money.
Me: for evbiamen grammar school?
Mum: yes, them they make their waec well well.
Me: okay thank you ma, na which time be the exam.
Mum: na by ten in the morning for the exam, if you write well them go give you scholarship.
Me: i go try my best.?
I left my mum and went out to look for plier to open the case, i meet everybody wey i know but none of them get plier, then i decided to try ogijio the carpenter,.
In the afternoon after my mummy don go work, i took the case to the carpenter, this time na only him dey.
Carpenter: my oga how you they?
Me: am fine, thanks for yersterday.
Carpenter: no problem na, wetin they inside the case?
Me: na im i carry come to see wether you fit open am for me, i lost the key.
Carpenter: na small thing na.
He took something that look like iron, he took the case from me and hold it tight to himself as he use the iron the open it forcibly.
Guess whats inside, a photo of a girl and a cassete disk labeled “prove of evidence”.

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