Chapter 9: The Match

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When i saw my class(primary four) on the door post, i walk up to it and poke my head inside, what i saw made me almost run away.

The first person i laid my eyes on was my father’s mate, he was so big with moustache on his chin. I taught it was an adult class, i wanted running away before i saw chokolo and my mind calm down.

‘but why na old men full this class’ i thought.

The class lessons got underway and i was tired so i started day dreaming, when suddenly the teacher ask a question and pointed at my direction.

The man had a very long cane and i started thinking how my arse would be burning, when the teacher spoke again.

“Inadozie stand up and answer the question” the teacher shouted, i turned and i saw the old boy standing up, he towered above the teacher and i was wondering how a married man would be in primary four or so i taught.

“Sir what’s your question again?” Inadozie enquired with a deep voice that shook the whole class.

‘I said what is a noun’

‘sir, a noun is a sentence’

‘How do you mean’ the stunned teacher asked.

‘Sir if somebody say come here ‘noun, noun’ its a sentence’

we burst out laughing and i wondered how a big boy could be big and foolish at the same time, well i was wrong in one thing, he wasn’t foolish in football.

It was games period and primary four class were scheduled to play football, so when the bell was rung we all trooped to the field happily.

When we were selecting the various players, i was asked what position i could play, i was confused i did not know there are positions in football, so i other not to fall my hands i said i can play Ronaldinho position.

They busted into laughter and i was told to play as a defender, the opposition team chooses Inadozie as their striker.

‘So its even person that don’t know book and they are expecting him to score goals, i laughed at them but i was to be proved wrong.

The match started and i was busy performing my duty by shooting away any ball that enters my leg, i don’t care if it was going to my post or outside, until a long ball was shot to my direction. I saw Inadozie running with his shaolin soccer timberland shoes so i wanted to show him i had more speed than him so i went for the challenge.

What i did not know was that his legs were pole sticks he overtook me and as i opened my legs to stop his shot, he instead shot my balls, i fainted in a millisecond and i saw stars in the afternoon and God calling me to His kingdom.

‘Rengor abeg i wan keep’ i shouted at my team goalie, he was glad to leave the post, so i walked like man that was just circurmcise to the post.

After my balls cooled down alittle Inadozie was at it again, he was coming at me with a speed of 265km/hr with the ball. I did not wait for the devil to tell me to stay in that post, i just quickly placed my sandals on my palms like i wanted to parry his shot and then i ran with a full nitro speed to my class.

When asked why i ran i told them that i taught the bell was rang, thats why i ran to my class.

chokolo and i became friends and we always go to school and came back together, play football together until one day we fought together.

He was in our house and i was laughing at him how a little kid in primary six wiped his arse’ in school that day.
‘So this boy no get power sef’ i taught.

I started bragging how i could also beat him and before i knew it he held my shirt collar and dragged me outside.

‘Today let me see how you would beat me’
‘Haba chokolo person no dey follow you play’ i said with fear of the unknown.

He raised me up like a bag of garri and dusted me on the ground and started using my face as slapping surface. Luckily for me my iron sister was around and she came and separated us and took me inside.

I went inside, lock our door securely and went and open the window and started bragging.

‘Na God save you, if that my sister no come separate us i for turn you and beat you, see you na only to raise person you sabi raise, why you no blow me for belly see na, i for charge like George of the jungle’ i kept on babbling until i got tired and went to sleep.

When i woke up i went to him and apologies and we became more tighter friends than before cause as the saying goes ‘there is no true friends that have fought because fighting bring one closer’

My school section ended on a high note because i was the only person in my school that wrote common entrance examinations in primary four, my parents were overjoyed when i passed both the private and government exams and i drank a full bottle of fanta for the first time in my life that day.

My uncle heard of my good performance and he invited my mom who was still breast feeding my youngest sister and i to come spend the holidays with him because his wife had given birth.

We went to Abuja, a place my eye got opened more wider to the reality of the wider world.

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