Chapter 8: Wrestling match

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We started walking to go get water, when we came across a big red stream, i continued walking when i saw chokolo stop and entered the water.

‘Bros you want make worm enter your leg abi?, ok just come show us the water before you bath’.

‘you be mumu, no be water be this to fetch’ he thundered back.

That was then i realised that the red water was where they got water to bath, cook and even drink. I was speechless but the first thing that came to my mind was ‘blood of God’.

We fetch the water or let me call it palm oil and went home, we then put alum in it to settle it a little before using it. ‘So naso akwanga dey’? I asked a question i haven’t found the answer to till date.
‘Sir we are looking for the head master’s office’ my dad ask a young man who pass us he showed us the direction to the HM office. We were going we came across the school library, i remembered the library incident in jos with Tayo and i smiled while my small man shook his head

‘sir this is my son we came to collect form, admission letter etc’
After everything i got my games wear and uniform and i was officially a pupil of Demonstration nursery and primary school.

Wow new school, new life i breath a sign of relief when my father left me, now i have to look for my class.

The classes were numbered on top of the door post so i did not have much trouble looking for my class, but what i saw as i got there was surprising, i left my mouth open with shock.

“how was school today?”

‘fine o, hope say food dey?’

‘go kitchen go carry your food’

The thoughts of the day entered my head and i started laughing like i inhaled laughing gas.

‘Come beat me na if you know say you get power ‘i dared my sister with my fist clenched in the trademark RVD style.

‘you will cry now if i touch you’ my sister warned.

I kept on taunting her until she was provoke and she pounced on me like a lion and we started karating and wrestling joined together.

I was RVD and Jet Li, but she was Undertaker and Jackie Chan, she gave me a blow to my head and i countered with a low punch which she dodged, and then plunged at me like edge and threw me to the ground and started stuffing my mouth with sand.

I could do only one thing that i know was effective i grabbed her budding bosoms and twisted it like a screw, she shrieked and left me but before i could recover from spitting out the sand in my mouth she perform a K.O move on me and performed an undertaker favourite Tomb Stone on me unfortunately my forehead landed on a stone and mount everest grow there.

That was it, i had been knocked out and even if referee had counted 1-100 i would not have gotten up, i just lay there crying like a new born baby.

The whole children in the compound were watching me and were saying things like ‘see blood, chai his head don break etc’ that got me furious and i got inside and looked myself in a mirror, there was a white spot on my head but no blood.

“chai my skull don comot” i screamed, if i no cry till mummy come back call me chicken, i threatened my sister.

Then i was a legend in crying(i don’t know why Hollywood did not employ me then), i could cry for no reason, i could just sit down and be eating and i would start formulating cry that will make sense, so when i threatened my sister she knew i meant business.

‘Oya take small sweet na’ she coyed me but i was adamant and change my cry to gear two. I cried from 2pm till 6pm but my mother was not back so i saved the fuel till her return.

When i see her coming i connect my cry battery and slap myself and the small dried tears i could muster started coming out. My mother was angry that we fought and even quarried me for fighting my elder sister which cause my eyes overflow with tears.

My mount everest was now at its peak and i know i was in for more crying when it would be pressed, after much crying and rolling on the ground from the pressing the mountain was removed but it still left me a landmark till this day.

I was then asked to narrate my first day at school and i started…..

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