Chapter 6:Exposed

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That day during break they both went out together and i followed them like James Bond, they went to into the library, i waited small and went in or let me say i barged. What i saw made my day or spoil my day.

They were both laying on a table with Tayo’s skirt pulled up and my head mistress son(i have forgotten his name) was untop of her moving his waist to all directions. When they saw me, they jumped up and i could see the boy’s erect member saluting me, it was a funny looking sight, while Tayo’s pant was hanging limply on her ankles while she covered her punny with her hands.
‘Na wetin she dey hide sef i asked myself’

“So na which book for this library teach una this exercise?” i dumbly asked, then a bell rung in my head and i remembered it was the same thing i saw my neighbour doing.

They were both shaking and begging me not to tell anybody
about what i saw, ‘why una dey beg me na, i carry una money’ i said feeling on top of the world.

“Oya tell us anything we go do am”Tayo spoke for the first time.
I wanted telling them to do frog jump but an idea beep into my coconut head.

“i wan join una do wetin una being dey do” I said happily

“You dey mad abi u no dey fear your senior” Tayo replied

“Ok na, make i go report, una go see my madness today” I threatened.

I started walking out on then when Tayo ran and caught up with me and kissed me, mehn kissing is good o, i said in my mind.

‘make una continue i dey come’ the headmistress son told us and went out.
At least the fun would be much now i smiled and use my fingers and started touching Tayo down below.

‘Stop right there what you are doing now’ a loud voice behind us said. Everything was like slow motion, i turned and saw almost all the teachers and the headmistress standing behind us with her son being their leader.

“Mehn i haff die” i muttered.

“so this is what you children have always been doing i thank God my son caught you and told us all” the ugly headmistress said.

So this boy excused himself and went and call teachers abi, God punish his anus, i cursed.

‘And you Tayo, you are a disgrace, you are in primary six and you are spoiling a primary three pupil, i would tell your mother and you are in deep shit’ the headmistress threatened.

‘Ma, its true o, i was just passing then i caught your son and Tayo inside here so i held them but your son ran away, i did not want all of them to escape so i held Tayo tight before you people came’ i gave my original version of the story which Tayo confirmed maybe she did not want to get punished alone or she was furious at the headmistress son’s betrayal.

Amazingly they all believe me and i could see both Tayo and the headmistress son shaking. He was given an astronomical slap and he knelt down immediately and started begging.

I thought i had escape and i was planning to flee to my class when the head mistress turned and face me, obviously she was furious at me for causing her son to be punished and she shouted that i should join them and kneel down.

“Ma what did i do”i said shaking like i caught fever and cold.

‘where you not also kissing her when we caught you both, abi were you holding her with your mouth’ she said.

As if on cue the rest teachers that were thrashing the two miscreants turn to my side and said lie down.

“Uncle please is the devil that cause it” i pleaded with two line of tears running down my face. I know the devil would have been furious at me then for calling his name, but atleast i had to blame somebody.

Our asses were stuffed with 10 strokes of cane each and we all went back to our classes with tribal marks on our face.

Since that day i was so afraid of girls that i always flee anytime i see them.


Now its time for my most favourite event that happened in jos, the governor’s visit.

‘Oya make una dress fine we dey go see important person for hotel’ my dad ordered us all.

‘daddy where na?’ we questioned him!!

‘lets go there first’, my dad answered.

We all got dressed in a flash, i wore my best dress that was bought for me the previous christmas; a designer red shirt with pockets at the fronts, with an ash colour strip chinos trousers and my jet Li boots that had survive the jos riot.

Our senior pastor(tina’s father) came to carry us with his jallopy Peugeot 405(anyway it was my dream car back then).

He was hosting a program and the then governor of plateau state was the chairman of ceremony.

So we all queued up in the car and went to the hotel the governor was logging.
‘If heaven go fine like this eh, God na me go enter first’ i said proudly.

If you say the hotel is fine you are mistaken, i mean this hotel is finestest(no check dictionary o), there were waterfalls, infact if that i was given their security house to live in, i would have grab the opportunity with both hands and leg.

It was a complete 5-star hotel even their gutters was a sight to behold. We were looking like we had entered into an alien country.

We entered into the hotel lobby and we asked for the governor’s room number and a guard was sent to come get us.

We walk to a wall with two lines in-between it, i wanted asking why we were not going, abi were they planning to search us, not until the wall opened and guards came out, i almost died with fright, the thing that came to my mind was “Jonah and the whale”.

“na wetin i do God, abi He send me something and i refuse to do”i taught sweating hard.

I intended running but since i saw no one moving i stood my ground with shaky legs.

“The governor sent us to come get you people”, the mean looking guards beckoned at us to follow them.
‘so na even inside fish belly governor the live sef’. We all entered the so-called fish stomach and i saw them pressed a button and the door closed and it started counting upwards.

I pinched my elder sister and asked her what kind of fish is this that use to go up. She smiled and told me that it was a generator upstairs that takes people up and down, not knowing she had also use her local champion to give her own yeye definition.

Atlast the door open and we step into the most beautiful corridor i had ever seen in my life till date(apart from naija and oyinbo films sha).

To cut a long story short we reached the governor’s lodge and we entered. The TV i saw in that room was big enough to fill a hut. We greeted him and he shook everyone of us.

Mehn that man hand was soft more than vita foam, i almost cut it off to keep as an artifacts.

After we had gone i could not risk wiping off my hands or doing anything even to eat that day i use left hand, just to prove to my classmates on monday that i had met the governor, i even wrapped my hand to prevent the scent from escaping.

Finally, Transfer came knocking and we were posted to nasarawa state to continue the ministry.

I cried when i learnt i would be leaving all my friends, school, neighbours, and my love Tina(even though we met on facebook recently) etc. I even started missing the Jos riot.

We left the “Land Of Peace And Tourism” and we started our abode into the “Home Of Solid Minerals”, that was where our drama started all over again.

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