Chapter 5: Sxs Tape

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Oya back to the matter…….
When we went outside to play that night, i saw an angel called Ngozi. Ngozi was an half cast(a nigerian father and a british mother), when we(the boys) saw her we totally forgot about every thing and we started showing up our dry bones and skills to please her. I did not mind if Tina was there or not i simply went about my showing off business because everything about her was foreign, her clothes, perfume even talk na linguistics the girl dey scatter for us.

Tina never cared she also wanted to be her friend, suddenly an idea came into my sharp man brain and i remembered a skill superman used to dodge some bullets in one of his movies i watched so i covered my head with my sweater cap and climbed three steps up of our church and waited till she was looking at my direction.

‘Make una see me dey do tumbulu back’ that was what we called back fleet or back tumble then, i cried out and i started flipping from up till down and i even rolled on the ground and then stood up admist clapping from my friends and colleagues who were begging me to teach them, but my whole taught were on Ngozi, who seem pleased but my liver failed me to approach her.

So my dear pals na so Ngozi dis-virgin my mouth, i went back to church and quickly fell asleep dreaming all kind of good dreams like my marriage to Ngozi and others. We kept on our silly friendship until they went back to England. The cry i cried that day eh…..anyway make we forget that one.

“Uduak come make we go play game”,my friend Joel begged me, his dad had just bought him a new game console and he knew i was a master of gaming things so he came to call me.
‘Ok wait make i wear my slippers’

We got to his house and i admired the game, the game pad is similar to that of sony cd player pad, so i knew it quite well. It was a fighting game whereby two players can use one fighter but control him both, like one would be jumping and flying while the other person would be controlling the fighting.

‘Yes, yes kick the boss na, ehen fly go, dodge, yes o, una too much’ Isaac, his younger brother was urging us on. We had never beaten the boss before so we never had a chance to pass to the next stage, but that day we manage to beat the boss and when ‘you win’ was written on the scream we all jumped up and started rejoicing, unknowingly i was with the game pad in my hands when i jumped up in joy, only to find out in horror that i had pulled the game cords from its socket. When we fixed it back we still tried beating the boss, but it seems like the man went to eat more body building snacks, he beat us till we were almost crying, that was how we abandoned the game.

Before i conclude my Jos chronicle i would like to tell you pals one bad thing and one good thing; the bad thing was how i was caught or let me say set up with a girl and the good thing was how we visited the then governor of Plateau state gov. Joshua Dariye.

‘Na where this head mistress son dey go with Tayo every break time na’ i asked my friend Segun,
‘i don’t know’

Every break time, the head mistress son who had repeated his class like three times maybe because he don’t pay school fees or maybe he is keeping his mother company. He usually goes out with a girl during break time and come back after break.

My evil mind told me that they were up to something so i devised a plan to check them out. Don’t ask me how a pastor’s child would think of that kind of thing, well i will tell you.

I had watch my first indecency film live from my neighbours room. The man was a carpenter who has boys that apprentice for him. But there were always different girls that comes to the man’s house every 11:00am and he would stop work and carry the girl to his room and after like 20minutes they would both come out sweating.

We always wonder whether the man did not have fan in his room that they always come out sweating. So we all thought of a plan, there is a door that separates our room from his own(it seems like it was formerly a self contain so there were linking doors between the rooms though it was lock through our side).

There was a hole where we always peep at to watch films if he is inside. So we planned to view the man room that day through the hole.

We all went outside and waited for the girl to come that day. Exactly at 11:00am a new girl came as usual and they both entered into the room.

We waited for five minutes then we went inside, what we saw change my life that day, we saw the oga carpenter banging his babe with careless abandon.

‘Oboy yeah my eye don blind o’ i screamed like a man that had seen a ghost.
‘Shift make i see’ my brother struggled with me but i gummed my eyes to the peep hole to feed my under-age lust.

It seems the man had our noise and talks, they both got up and started putting on their clothes. It seems the girl was a virgin because i could see her wiping blood with her panties and stuffing it in her bag and she ran out of the house.

We started laughing like two hyenas that drank laughing gas and we ran outside to catch a glimpse of the fleeing damsel. The carpenter came out and look at us and said nothing, we thought he never knew but we were wrong.

That night when we went for our normal film watching in our peep hole everything was dark.
‘abi NEPA don cut this man light’ i foolishly thought what i did not know was that he used his drawer to cover that door.

They next morning my dad woke my brother and i with two strokes of cane and told us to kneel down, we were wondering what we did wrong until my dad asked us why we were looking at our neighbours house when he was coming back from the bathroom to change his clothes.

“So this man no gree tell daddy true, he come dey lie for head” i taught with tears streaming down my eyes.

”i said why were you looking at that man room”he asked why waving his cane like Banky W’s waving flag rhythm.

I had to think fast i look at my brother but he was already shaking like a palm tree.

“i..i..i. No we..we” i had caught stammering disease from nowhere, my brain was blank like thin air, then i said the next thing i knew in my mind.

“we wanted to see how david was looking at Besthiada in the bible when she was bathing” i blurted out.

My dad LHFAO(ask 2go users to tell you they meaning of this if you don’t understand) that day.

He told us to fast that day and ask God to forgive our sins but not before he roasted our arse with seven strokes of cane each. That was how my eyes were dis-virgined o.
So my plan to follow my headmistress was because my sense told me there was something more than normal friends going on between them. Well time will let me know that.

I entered a problem that almost ended my school career and made a disgrace of the cane my dad gave me that day.

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