Chapter 46

Two girls arrived lagos noon of the next day…from
their dressing and words, they were sophisticated.
They came to Lagos in a taxi…After having
difficulty securing accomodation..they finally
settled for a cheap room at Ogba. You would have
expected something better from them.
They spent their evening at Shoprite
Ikeji…watching movies. At night they went back to
their room. They couldnt wait to pull of the wigs
they had on..
They slept holding each other close..a little extra
heat and you would have called them Lesbians.
Next morning they got took a taxi to festac
gate…and they waited…they waited till 6:14, when
the particular danfo bus they had been waiting for
picked them up..
The Drivers route was Okoko/Agbara…and they
made sure they got down at the last bus-stop.
From okoko they took a taxi to Silverbird, V.I. they
spent the remaining part of the day on movies. .
They kept repeating their ritual…on the 5th day
morning. … a conversation ensued..
Driver: were una dey work sef…everymorning na
him una they quick rich bank?
Girl1: No…we are new in Lagos, we dont know
Driver: thats very bad…very bad…fine girls like
una..everyday na two of you I dey first pick…
Girl2: we like your bus..
Girl 2 winked at him…he loved the attention. .
Driver: so where una dey go now?
Girl 2. Badagry…the beach..
Driver: if no be work I for say make I carry una…
Conductor: beta idea o..
Girl1: saturday u go free?
Driver: no na…I must work everyday. .
Girl2: how much do you make in a day..
Driver: 15k…
He greatly exaggerates it..
Girl1: we go give you 20k..come pick us for
Ogba..We go don buy car by then..
The driver couldnt believe his luck…If they didnt
conform…he would molest them…or rob
them…but they looked like two Hot girls. ..he
doubted they would be a problem..
Driver: ok now…Saturday. ..
He gave them his number and collected theirs…
On saturday…very early…he called them…and true
to their word…they had a sweet looking car
waiting for him…he came alone. was a day off
for his conductor…along the way…hw told them
the beach wouldnt be as fun as his house…He
told them he lived in a dupleX in Satellite town.
After talking to themselves for a while..the girls
agreed…so he took them to satellite town..
Inside the house was a group of guys waiting for
the fresh meat he had promised them…As they
approached the gate through a distance…in a
solitary neighbourhood…Girl1 touched him on the
chest to get his attention..
He liked giving girls attention.
Girl1: please lemme get my nokia phone from the
booth..this battery is pathetic…
Driver : no problem…na you be oga..he stopped
the car and gave her the keys…Girl 2 followed her
He looked at them through front mirror…the Car
was lovely…he would probably keep it for
himself…the windows were up because of the
Ac…mehn the car’s Ac was super…as he looked
at the girls…he got hard…he would take his time
on them before passing them to the boys..
The car’s central lock got activated….
‘Foolish girls, them no know say dem don lock the
He started signalling for them to press a knob on
the ring of keys with them..but they didnt see him
‘Bush girls…who dash them money sef?’..
Then Taofeek saw me..
I had earlier dropped the car at a car dealers
place…to refit it with bullet proof glasses..with 15
million, it was fixed in 1hr….then I delivered it to
the girls..
I had been tailing them with my G-Wagon all
day…I wasnt surprised he brought them to
Alhaiji’s house. Though I expected it to be after
the beach movement. I had done my research well
for the past few days..I knew where his route
was…and that he taken over Alhaji’s house since
his death.
I walked to my booth and picked up a galoon of
petrol…the booth of my Jaguar had three galoons
also…I liked the car…but I liked Bayo more..
Taofeek’s face went from surprise to anger then
later fear, as he watched me douse the car with
petrol…he tried breaking the glasses but to no
avail..he brought out his gun and fired a few shots
at the glasses..nothing…
Oluchi begged me to allow her be the one to strike
the match…I couldnt deny her…she and Bayo
shared something special…
Tayo stood beside me and we watched as my
Jaguar burst into flames with Taofeek. .screaming
and hitting like a trapped animal…we watched as
the fire engulfed him…he fought harder…then I got
the digger Tayo was holding…and broke the
already superheated front my fourth strike
it broke…Taofeek crawled out…his head was on
fire…his eyebrow was in fire…his chin was also his lips…only his gnashing teeth
shrieked..he wasnt strong enough to crawl down
the bonnet, so he fell ontop….that was where the
fire charred him to smithereens. ..
As the fire blazed on..Oluchi opened a bottle of
Alomo… mixing…we all drank it straight from the
….yes…law students. .

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  1. That was a bad ass move. Very exciting stuff. And Los not very predictable. We done to the writer.

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    That was a bad ass move. Very exciting stuff and not very predictable. Well done to the writer.

  3. That was a bad ass move. Very exciting stuff and not very predictable. Well done to the writer.

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