Chapter 45

It was 8am when I stepped out of the hotel
room…life before and after Bayo seemed
I had placed a call to Shade, telling her about
Bayo’s death…I didnt give her the details, her only
response was ‘Taofeek…I knew Taofeek will kill
Adebayo mi’
..she was silent…I heard muffled sound of
crying…then she hung up…
As I passed through the reception, I was told I had
a package from one Mr Paul..that was Mr Ahmed’s
I took the package to the car…threw it to the back
seat , then drove towards the island…I needed to
get to my crib and pick up another car…
At Obalande, different vendors attacked cars with
their papers… one headline caught my attention…
I bought the Guardian and read the story. As usual
the police said it was a political assassination. End
of case.
No pictures or details. Then I remembered the
package Mr Ahmed sent…I slowed down and
opened box..a note inside said ‘friend, nobody
robs from us…he who has ears let him hear…he
who has eyes…let him see ,with regards
buddy’..below the note were two ears..still with
their earrings…they were Amarachi’s,
That wasnt as disgusting as the two eye balls, one
had a fork stuck in it.
Perhaps in his past life Mr Ahmed was a
surgeon…for the first time since Bayo died…I
I placed a call to Cynthia. .
Me: Bby whatsup?
Cynthia: Im fine…how are you holding up?
Me: im beta already. .
Cynthia: you are driving?
Me: yes..I wanna get to ikoyi, then go to the
morgue at LASUTH ikeja, to pick up Bayo’s body
for burial..
Cynthia: have u informed his family?
Me: im his family. .
Cynthia: wish I was there with you..
Me: you get back to Nigeria, we will pay him a
Cynthia: I love you Nathan. ..
Me: dont stop..
I hung up..
It was late in the afternoon when his body was
finally lowered..he looked dapper in his suit..I
made it compulsory for them to wear him Chelsea
I promised myself I wouldnt cry but I did…
I cried alot…

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  1. horlabiyi

    Damn short but nice

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    I cried too….for Bayo

  3. obalorla

    nice piece of intelligence…God bless u

  4. beautiful, absolutely a beautiful story

  5. Doesn’t seem real,nice though

  6. Man…this is one of best stories I have ever read. No long epistle, you are a legend.

  7. Awww! RIP bayo

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