The Last Wolf CHAPTER 4: The Stalker

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Taking grumpy and naughty teenagers Chemistry was never gonna be easy. The moment I was introduced by Miss Lucy, the atmosphere was filled with giggles and “he is so hot” comments. “be nice kids” were her last words before leaving. I faced the naughty kids. Knowing I was under evaluation, and consequently everyword that would escape my lips would be recorded for the next one week,I knew I had to pick my words carefully.
I began, “good morning class, I am Mr Richard Cypher and will be your Chemistry teacher…… Now, here are my rules, no late submission of assignments….. No…….. Blah blah…. Blah,.. I am sure you know the rest.” I just did a review of the Laboratory apparatus with them that day and they seem to flow well with me. Although, most of the females looked for ridiculous excuses just to gain my attention and ultimately get to touch me especially one named Daphne. Another beautiful blue eyes. Wait, I know this face, this was one of the girls I saw in the pub the other night, so she schools here, she was smoking hot though but teacher – student relationship was the last thing on my mind now. I was through with the 9th grade that day and was about relieving myself in the restroom when a young chap jogged to meet me, “sorry sir, but are you gonna be our football coach, I mean since you are replacing Mr Dean and he was our last coach” he asked. I looked horrified and was having Difficulty answering his question, he just jogged up to me and when a normal person does that his heart beat increases. I didn’t hear any beating heart from this guy. This kid had no heartbeat and he was standing right in front of me. I had never experience such all my life and he didn’t have the hazy look. I told him I had no idea and will be waiting on the headmistress on such matters before I ran to the toilet to puke.

I saw him clearly now as he turned to face me, he was beautiful not handsome, and had clear brown eyes. He took my left hand and kissed it staring right into my eyes while doing so. Perfect opportunity for me to start the compulsion. As one of the first vampires to ever graced this earth, although I was born a vampire. Strange right? well, my mother was heavy with child when she was first turned and I was that child. Anyway, each of the Elites had a special ability apart from the normal vampire abilities of speed, strength and longevity. Mine was the ability to enter the mind and do whatever I wanted,meaning I could see your past, memories and do what I wanted with them. No one had this ability save for my dad since he was the First vampire.
Immediately, I starred into his eyes but I couldn’t get in, it was like a trying to see through a wall, I had never experienced such before and when he touched me, there was this tingling, like tiny sparks of light, it was making ms uneasy and I couldn’t wait for him to let go of my hand. No one was beyond my Mind control, not even witches but this guy was or maybe he was one of the stubborn ones. There was another way but it will involve me drawing out his intimate desires, in retrospect, I would have to sleep with him to enter his mind through his body.
But for now, I showed him around, he wasn’t much of the talking type just the occasional yes and mmm left those sweet lips. Oh dear, I didn’t say that. I showed him his laboratory and ultimately his office. This guy was becoming an enigma, tried starting conversations, but he quickly ended them. I needed to know more about him and since Damien is out of town until next week, I had enough time to dig deep into Richard Cypher.
As soon as I got to the motel, I decided that I was moving to the woods where I actually belonged and felt safe. I didn’t feel safe here, after Miss Lucy perplexed look after starring at me for a while and seeing someone standing without a beating heart. I needed security and only the woods offered me that. So I called a rental company and rented a truck, went to the sawmill, got some planks and other carpentry tools and off I went into the woods to build my new home.
Thank God it was Friday and all weekend, I spent there building the little cabin. I finished on Sunday morning and bought some interiors. I moved in and slept like a baby.
Work continued on Monday, but I had this nagging feeling that someone was watching me and not only the evaluation recorders, Someone else. For the first 3 nights, I heard snaps and movement close to my cabin, the movement always stopped at a certain distance and remain still until early in the morning and it goes back the way it came. Haven lived in the woods for most part of my life, following someone’s trail was as easy as boiling water. It didn’t take me long to find out whatever it was came from the high way, found its way close to my cabin and climbed a tree and stayed for a while before going back the same way it came. It stayed on the same tree, big mistake, but it thought it couldn’t be caught and it was good at hiding it’s smell because I couldn’t smell anything whenever I came to check in the mornings.
I set up a simple bogey trap of steel net right above the part of the tree where it stayed. So, the next night when it came, I opened my windows and pretended to be doing something mischievous, although I blocked the view because I wanted the thing to step on the rope that held the trap. My plan worked when I heard the rope snapped and the next thing I heard was a deafening scream. What!!!!! My stalker had been a woman all this while. I took my knife and halogen lamp and set off into the night to find out who it was.

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