Chapter 39

He was at the hospital gate when I got there…I
have never seen him look so defeated…his back
was against the pillar and arms akimbo.
I came down and tossed the car keys too
him..then we hugged. ..there was no need for
Bayo: where are we going to now?
Me: Lagos…
Bayo: you are sure this is the best idea?
Me: Yes…we are going to meet someone,
afterwards, we get out of the country. ..
Bayo: to which country?
Me: Togo…from there we buy new identities then
try to enter france..
Bayo: oh…I no sabi french o…
Me: neither do I…but Nigeria will be too
hot…Ghana doesnt look appealing too..
Bayo: no p…
I put a tuface Cd I purchased at the Mall. ..skipped
the track to ‘Iheneme’…we sang along…
We got to berger at 2am…Bayo called a friend of
his at Iyana Ipaja garage to wait for us there..we
met opposite Ecobank..his name was Ladi.
Ladi: Bayoski…Alhaji dey look for you o…him don
call our chairman say anybody wey see you make
them let am knw…but you be my padi…try
commot for area..him say you and your friend thief
him 5 million run go Ibadan. Na true?
Bayo: Leave Alhaji jor…him just dey yarn bring that eru?
Ladi brought out a small pistol from a bag he was
Ladi: na one soldier I buy am from, for Ojo
barracks. ..very expensive o…
He brought out a packet of bullets..
Bayo: na 50k I promise you…
Ladi: I swear this one expensive pass 50k, e no
dey jam if you fire am..
Bayo gave him 60k…
Our next stop was Egbeda…initially I was scared
of the gun being found in our possession by
policemen, but the first three patrol cars just
stopped us to collect 1k…no questions….no
We lodged at Okiki hotel , a 4k per night
room..though we couldn’t sleep. Just before
4am…Bayo’s phone rang. ..
Bayo: hello…
Caller:na me bimbo
Bayo: hey bimbo, wetin dey happen?
Bimbo: Wetin you do Alhaji?
Bayo: I dont understand?
Bimbo: you no understand abi?…Alhaji don shoot
Shade for leg…him say she help you run…say she
dey lie say she no know where u dey…
Bayo: why she no call me na…she get my
number..oh my God. ..
Bimbo: she dey fear for your life na…she knw say
if she call you..and you tell am..Alhaji go collect
the info frm am..
Bayo: but she fit lie na…
Bimbo: since you run, alhaji don trap am for him
house. ..Shade say u carry her phone run, so she
no get your number..
Bayo: which hospital she dey now?
Bimbo: hospital ke…na Alhaji store she dey…na
kamoru dey feed am. ..Alhaji say make anybody
wey knw where u dey tell you say in 2days time,
him go kill Shade..
Bayo: everything don spoil…wow…
Bimbo: kill kekere…
Bayo: shut up..
Bimbo: na the only way be that…kill am or bring
am alive come meet Alhaji..
He hung up…since the phone was on speaker…I
heard everything. I felt really bad for Shade…it was
time to end the madness…I dialled Amarachi’s
Amarachi: hey babe…why calling so early?
Me: im sorry, I need mr Ahmed’s number. ..
Amarachi: oh…hope all is well?
Me: why do you ask?
Amarachi: just wanted to be sure na..I still care
about you.
Me: there isnt any problem, I just need his
number. ..
Amarachi: have you gotten the money you are
looking for?
Me: not yet…but very soon…
She texted me the number about 2..minutes later..
I called Mr Ahmed…he told me he was already in
Nigeria…and I was to be expecting him anytime
from now..I begged him to give me one more
day. ..then he could do as he pleases…
He told me to bring his money or my head to
Maitama in Abuja in the next 36 hrs…

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