Chapter 32

They got a tray of fried chicken sent to the room,
some Nuvo, hennessy and Alomo. We tipped the
manager of the hotel 10k to ignore any odour that
might have any semblance to marijuana. He
The girls were excited, they continued the dancing
in the suite.. their hands soiled with oil from the
fried chicken..they sang along to every song the
music system blared. Bayo and I were sitting by
the dresser chair ,drinking and looking at
mind was elsewhere thou. I was wondering why
Alhaji hadnt called Bayo yet. He must have noticed
Bayo wasnt around. He must have seen the bus.
He must have noticed I was gone. I needed to
check my email ASAP.
When I brought my attention back to the room, I
noticed that Bayo was being surrounded by the
girls..Tayo was twerking infront of him, Zainab was
pressing her bosoms on his back, Lara and Oluchi
were dancing with each other close by…
Even with the AC working perfectly well, Bayo said
he was hot and stripped to his Chelsea boxers..
As if on cue, the girls stripped to their panties and
bra. They were all on G-strings except Lara, she
wore full panties that was smaller than her Rack.
Made it look like she was wearing Low-waist.
Beautiful bee-stings too if I might add. .
The grinding intensified as it was just a piece of
cloth between each others lust.
Lara picked up a bottle of Nuvo and emptied the
contents on Bayo’s head. The four attacked his
body…sucked and licked every part. It was so cold
in the room but I was hot. ..they fought for each
Tip…navel…they grabbed his bum..his
eyes….oluchi was on his neck..Zainab pulled his
boxers and brought out his dick. She knelt in front
of him and claimed it with her mouth..oluchi pulled
her bra, flung it towards me and pressef her
bosoms on his face..
Lara was at his back, kissing his neck, shoulders…
Tayo came to me, pulled my belt gently…pulled of
my pants..then caressed my dick with my silk
boxers on. When she got the desired result…she
sat on my lap, striding me..then we kissed. Now I
have always felt it was important for girls to know
their strengths and weaknesses, Tayo’s strenght
was kissing. .she rolled her tongue like it had a life
of its own.she teased and surrendered just at the
right moment..all this while, the wetness of her V
had made her panties so wet that my dick was
almost pushing it inside her. One hand was on her
bosoms, I used the other to shift her panties to the
side, exposing the wetness and hotness of
her…she sat on the boxers got
..I looked at her, her eyes were closed and she let
out soft moans…she stood up and pushed me to
the she pulled of my shirt with both hands
I felt another hand grab my dick. It was Lara. She
didnt waste time in making it wet with her saliva
and swallowing it. Tayo bit my Tips gently.
neck too…then she started grinding against my
abdomen…Lara was sucking my dick like it was
Tom Tom and she had cough. After a while, Tayo
couldnt take it any longer…she took my dick from
Lara’s mouth…licked the tip, then inserted it into
She started hopping on it…since Lara was idle and
so turned on…her index finger went inside her..
Oluchi hands were on the wall as Bayo banged her
repeatedly from behind..Zainab Squatted and
caressed his balls…at intervals. ..then she and
Oluchi switched..
I was half asleep…Bayo just released for the
umpteenth time on the butt cheek of Oluchi..
Zainab attacked his dick again but he had done
Bayo:…oya two of you..Bleep yourselfs…
Oluchi: we aint lesbians na……come now…
Bayo:…for 80k…Bleep urselfs…
They were both moaning when I slept off…

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