Chapter 31

We had four girls at the back seat..Oluchi, Tayo,
Lara and Zainab. Tayo looked interesting the most.
She had that kind of bosom that seems to fall but
gathers momentum at the base…full momentum.
Bayo was looking very cool in his pink shirt, white
blazers and pants. His ferragamo shoes was a
beauty to behold. Since he had been ribbed by the
everyday hustle of the park, most fitted clothes
looked good on him..
I was on all black..shirt, pants, blazers and
shoes. ..except a red bow tie..
After arguing about 20minutes, we agreed that
Bayo looked better than less than an inch..
The girls didnt need much convincing, as Bayo
spoke to them with his usual mixture of English
and pidgin..I sat on the booth with a bottle of
Cristal. Sipping like the 40k per bottle drink didnt
mean a thing..
I dont knw what Bayo said to the girl he spoke
to..but she ended up calling three of her friends.
They were all 400level law students..I liked their
english, they sounded intelligent. .the only thing
better than straffing a beautiful straffing a
beautiful and intelligent girl.
As we drove towards the Dome.. Bayo as usual
started chit chating..
Bayo: so you people go be lawyers soon ehn?..
Tayo: yes..o..
Zainab: thats if strike doesnt extend it again..
Bayo: anyhow sha..una go be my family lawyer..
Oluchi: oh..u are married?..
Bayo: not yet…im searching..
Lara: What do you guys do ?
Bayo: we are Danfo drivers…
They laughed…
Oluchi: serious jor, what do you do?
Me: he is the driver, I am the conductor..
They laughed harder..
Tayo: you guys are funny o…I like funny guys..
Me: But Bayo plans to be a fuji musician…I will do
back up..
Oluchi: u mean like his hype man?
Me: yes dear. .
They were laughing so hard when we got to Dome
night club, I forgot about Alhaiji and Taofeek..
As big boys…we went to sit in a corner and told
the girls to go dance by them selves…we ordered
a couple of champagne. The club floor wasnt that
big, it made the place look packed up. A couple of
guys kept looking at us. Their table was filled with
with more buckets of champagne too but they
seemed to be intimidated.
I looked at the girls dancing, they whispered to
themselves…looked at us and kept dancing…some
guys came around them, trying to initiate dancing
with them, they looked at us as if asking for
permission, we gave them..
It is important for you to know at this time that
Bayo didnt like the Cristal, Moet or Ace. He said it
made his tongue feel funny..I told him it wouldnt
be nice if he drank his Alomo In the club..
“Watch me”, he said.
Some 10minutes later, he was back with a big
bottle of Alomo. .specially ordered by the bar man.
Surprisingly we got admiring stares from people
that saw a table filled with champagne and Alomo..
Three girls seemed to appear from the blues..
dark one: hey guys, u look lonely..
Me: ermmm…are you serious?
another dark one: ofcuz, correct guys like you
shouldnt be all alone in the club..
Brown one: can we just chill with you guys..?
Tayo: hell no…
How and when they got to our table, still baffles
me..but the four of them were back.
The guys across us seemed to loathe us the girls, two guys..
Bayo and I just sipped our drinks while the girls
ironed out their issues..
Oluchi and Lara sat on each side of Bayo…Tayo
and Zainab covered me..they seemed to be going
They drank with us, though none of them touched
the Alomo, gave us lap dances..grinded the hell
out of was nice imagining that this girls will
one day defend the rights of Nigerians in our
esteemed Courts.
..shortly after..Bayo suggested that the party
should be moved to our Suite..they all concurred..

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