Chapter 3: The Riot

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How my mother came home was a miracle, she was aided by some muslim women who gave her a Hijab to cover and she pass over the roadblocks and came home.

“we have to find a way to escape”my mother told us.

That was when i remembered we were cooking rice and as a bad guy with food on my agenda. I said “mummy but how we go run when we never chop that rice na”

Nobody cared about the rice, what was on everyone’s mind was how to escape from the burning compound.

We diverse a means to escape, we loaded about three big stones untop of each other and started climbing over the fence to our neighbours compound.

After a short time we made our way from our neighbours house into the streets of Jos.

We accepted a lift from a man who took us to a G.R.A, where Janet’s parents and her boarded a bus to their state(we haven’t heard from them till date). Ourselves went to my Dad’s mission house to await him admist fear and anxiety.

“I went out that day to evangelise in the city of Jos, i was putting on a white caftan and trousers, so when the riot started that fateful i was confused because i was putting on a caftan and i was in a christian neighbourhood.

“See one of them o” a man scream from nowhere and they pounced on me threatening to beat me up, what saved me that day was my I.D card which showed i was a man of God and i was left alone.

I quickly threw my caftan away and pick up a shirt i saw hanging on a rope and wore it, at least God will understand its not stealing but sharp man.

My thoughts was about my wife and children, had they survive or not, i don’t know. On my way i came across a group of fighters waiting to devour any wrong passerby who wasn’t their religion.

A story was said about a muslim man who was caught by a squad of christian fighters, he was asked to complete the following words.

“In the name of the father, and of the son,” what is the last part, he was asked. The man smiled and said “and of the mama”. That was how the man visited his grand fathers that day.

Back to my story, After seeing the group of armed bandits i prayed only one prayer to God, that if His will for me has been fulfilled, he should take me home but if i still have anything left to do in this world let His will be done.

I then walked up to the checkpoint and started going, no one even ask me a word they were just discussing like no one just pass them. Or was i a spirit or so i taught. Thank God there’s God.

The next thing on my mind after passing the checkpoint were my kids, so i ran to my house at dodo street, in kwararafa junction, and saw my compound on fire, i quickly ran upstairs and saw the house empty.

My mind was at ease and in turmoil at the same time, one mind was glad they had escape and the other was on how they had fared and where they had gone to.
I ran into the kitchen and saw a pot of rice burning on the fire, i quickly took it down and warm the stew but there was no appetite to eat. I layed down in the kitchen waiting for morning to break and ways to escape from the house and look for my family.

Luckily a group of soldier men came to my area and dispersed the rioting group, so i quickly came out and started walking, the first place that came to my mind was my mission quarters.
I slept that night dreaming about my dad and also thanking God i did not die nor did any of my siblings and i was also very happy that i would still have chance to marry an oyinbo woman(am still waiting for that prayer to be answered thou).

The next morning i woke up and went to brush my teeth with a chewing stick cus i forgot even my brush when we fled, when i heard “Daddy, oyoyo” i turned and it was no other person than my dad standing hale and hearty but wearing a funny combination of clothes-a tee-shirt and a caftan trousers with slippers.

That was not my problem i was just glad he came, if not i would have joined the fatherless clan by now.

Lets skip that issue for another day and lets move forward a little….


Class-primary three

“Mummy am going to NTA(Nigerian Television Authorities) today o” i said excitedly.
“ok go and do well”, thanks Ma.

I was so happy because i was just in class three but i was one of the ten pupils chosen to represent my school in a talk show, i kept on babbling about it to who ever wishes to hear.

The d-day finally arrived and we were packed and ready for the trip. When we got their i was so perplexed at the big cameras on display, i totally forgot all we rehearsed and wat was in my head was, “mehn i must be newscaster if i grow up”.

“My friend come here” my aunty voice brought me back to reality, that was when i realised i had left the group and was diverting to other rooms.

The show started and we sat down on the ground which made me angry.
“So na so people go dey watch me sit down for ground like i be small pikin”i angrily muttered.

Anyway the show started but i had lost interest in the show, i just sat their like a retired zombie looking at the camera and thinking of all the consumables waiting after the show.

“Ok kids, that all for now, just tell you parents to tune in their stations at 4:00pm and they would see you all live” the show coordinator told us all.

We all went back to school bragging on how we went to NTA and did show, but i did not care to talk because if that show is watched i would be the laughing stock of the school the next day.

When i got home, everyone was congratulating me and were all eager to watch my show.

“Daddy we get match o i wan go play ball for field”
“i taught your programme is by 4:00pm”.
“Yes, but i don watch am already for there so i no wan watch am again”
“You are going to stay so that any big grammar you speak you would explain it for us” my mother chipped in her dry joke.

I had no choice but to wait for my crucifixion time or so i taught.


Everyone gathered to watch my fuck up, i was already shaking when the program started and then…..

The next day i had become a hero in school, everyone was congratulating me and the rest of the group.

“Excuse me” an angelic voice interrupted my thoughts, i turned around and saw an epitome of beauty.
“Em how can i help you”i stammered.
“i want us to be friends, what’s your name”.
My name is Peter and what’s yours?
Its Tina.
Ok nice to meet you.

OMG, i was over the moon, i had just become friends with the most beautiful girl in my school.

Am sure you guys would be wondering what happened to make me popular, well lets wait and see.

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