The Last Wolf CHAPTER 3: LUCY

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A motel is usually built as rooms facing parking lots in order to make it easy for individuals to access their vehicles to leave or come into town and of course it is usually located close to the highway. The lady who came to clean my room didn’t have the trademark “hazy” look I have become accustomed to in this town. The moment I set my eyes on her, my wolf grew irritated and restless, it was pushing for a transformation, it was angry for reason or reasons I knew not. I decided to be cautious and take my huge book with me for I didn’t trust the woman. She smiled at me but I wasn’t interested, although she had clear brown eyes just like mine but hers seem hollow and piercing. I had to move quickly before my wolf came out.
I was walking past the rooms on my way to the pub when I heard, “yes! Yes!! Harder! Harder!!” I smiled and remembered my exploits the previous night, sex was truly awesome with the right person. I was about taking my mind off it when I heard “yes, bite me love, deeper….” huh, bite me? Who does…..wait a minute, I can smell blood, what in God’s name is going on here. I moved away quickly before I puked and found my way to the nearest pub.
I saw a pub, went in and requested for a beer, I looked around, nothing special just hazy looking folks drinking and talking. Two ladies, no kids, they couldn’t be more than 16, caught my attention. Drinking and laughing, they made passes at me, I smiled and looked away, they were cute though, one had the same piercing blue eyes as George in my dream and the other was a Blondie. The girls were talking, so I decided to listen, (um, don’t blame me, there was nothing to do) my dream didn’t make any sense to me, it was plain obvious to me though that this town was heavily cloaked in deep dark Magic. “our chemistry, Mr Dean Is dead, I am so happy, I really hated that subject” the blue eyes said. The Blondie replied, “yes, I heard the news today from the Headmistress, too bad, he was hot though,”.”yeah he was, but you know he was fighting it and Damien wasn’t too happy about it, he had to go.” Blue eye replied.
Damien, who is Damien, some kinda assassin or what, and what were they protecting so bad that someone had to die for it, moreover what was the dead man fighting, some magic mind control spell? So many questions bombarded my head, but it became clear that there were two sets of people living in Aidenville ; Humans and non-humans or humans that ain’t really humans including myself. Anyway, I had to be careful now, I thought I was the only supernatural being on Earth, guess I was wrong.
I had to look for a better cover than a researcher so that it wouldn’t seem that I was diving into affairs that didn’t concern me lest I pay with my life. Working as a teacher would be the perfect covering as I set out to find out the inner workings of this town. Time to get a suit.

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The school was bigger than I expected, it was beautiful with trees and flowers gracing the front part of it and Aidenville’s high boldly engraved on one of the many bungalows. After leaving the pub last night I got a suit from the local store and prepared for today’s interview or at least I expected one. I got to the school by 7am though it wasn’t easy finding it. I had to leave the motel by 6am in order to trace where the school bus was coming from and that led me to the school. I asked to see the headmistress and was told to wait by the security officer, so i waited.
Not too long after I came, I heard the sound of a car arrive and park, from the sound of the car I could tell it was a sport car. Someone came through the entrance door, I looked to see who it was and Sweet Lord! nearly escaped my lips. She was beautiful, no beautiful didn’t cut it, she was Venus in person; perfect hourglass, perfect hips, perfect boobs and oh, those legs, long and slender just as I loved it. She was a brunette and I have never seen a more beautiful one. I decided to stand up and introduce myself since she was coming towards my direction though she was walking cautiously but she surprised me when she suddenly took a sharp turn and disappeared down the corridor. Well, that was rude I said to myself.
Soon, the school was bubbling with life as students trooped in as the headmistress was yet to arrive. Eyes that looked towards my direction seem to linger for too long or was it just me and my anxiety. I was right to be anxious because I had no credentials to backup my claim to be a chemistry major. I didn’t have a clue on how I was going to defend myself if asked to submit my credentials.
9am saw the headmistress came in. I greeted her and she asked me to follow her in, as she was elderly so I helped in carrying some of her things into the office, I needed all the favours I could get and of course a thank you escaped her lips. “so you ‘re here concerning the chemistry job” she asked and I answered in the affirmative, “well” she continued, “since the sudden death of Mr Dean,may his soul rest in peace, there hasn’t been any request to fill his place, you are the first to show up for the job and I hope you are up to the task”. “I am ma’am” I answered. “Alright, you will be starting right now, Mr………”, Richard Cypher, “Mr Cypher, you will be on a week evaluation, it’s how we do things here, afterwards, you will get a review, you are free to go now and Miss Lucy will show you around, happy teaching, Richard” she concluded.
Waoh! Just like that, I am beginning to like this place. By the way, who is Miss Lucy, well I didn’t have to grope for long, a gentle tap on my back answered my question and the next thing I heard was, “Good morning sir, I am Lucy Keller and I will be tour guide for today” I will be damned it was rude Venus after all, awesome.

I hated Fridays with its boring tests and all. I arrived school a little late today but that has become a regularity now since the death of Mr Dean, I still blame myself for his death, if only I didn’t tell Damien who all he knew was destruction, perhaps Dean would still be alive. Damien had complained of me getting more and more human after one of our boring sex romp, probably he was right because I was getting tired of the killings that didn’t seem to stop. Well, Today was here and I needed to see through it.
After leaving my car, I felt uneasy, someone or something had breached the magic mist which was unusual since only a witch had the ability to do that, they created it anyway. But the last one was killed over a decade ago by Mr destroyer himself, Damien. I thought of calling Damien but he would just make a mess of things besides I was out of favor with Dad because of what happened with Mr Dean who was fighting compulsion. I needed to prove myself again and this was the perfect opportunity.
I entered the school cautiously, fully aware of the impeding danger ahead. I saw someone, a man actually sitting close to the headmistress office and was directing facing me. He looked up and was aback by my Beauty as most men do. The breach was stronger around here, but why show yourself if you plan to attack except you are overconfident. Suddenly, he stood , he was tall about 6ft, dark-skinned and very handsome I must add. Anyway the moment he stood, I thought he was ready to attack and quickly I took a sharp turn heading into the toilet, I had to defend myself by making myself not easily seen, a witch’s strike was very fatal especially if aimed at the heart, I hid in one of the female toilet and waited but in vain because the strike never came. After waiting for about 15 minutes, I heard the voices of students and decided that all was clear. I went to my class to write the test. Soon I was called by the headmistress to be a tour guide to some Mr Cypher, like seriously! I obeyed , Cypher was backing me when I came to her office and so I tapped him to get his attention only to discover that the breach earlier was the new Chemistry teacher.

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