Chapter 28

I lived in a three bedroom bungalow, kingsway
road Ikoyi. The apartment was posh. Art works
decorated my walls…I had a giant 50″ Tv on the
wall..I went into what was my bedroom…my
wardrobe was filled with lovely shoes
were mostly lacoste. I noticed I liked polos..Ysl..
My bed was kingsize…I felt like crawling in…
Amarachi: this is where the debauchery takes
Me: with you alongside?
Amarachi: I am a lady, never…its u and the little
harlots that flocked around you…
Me: I am having this feeling that you still like me..
Amarachi: u wish…
I pointed to the bed and told her to sit, I wanted to
everything. .
Amarachi: Well…you were an only child…your
mum and dad died at the ikeji cantonment bomb
blast..2003. You are 26 yrs old… I am 25…I met
you at city mall. ..2005.. you were a small time
dealer then…you told me everything. ..I sold
everything to raise enough capital for us to
expand. We made alot of were
nice. ..then you made too much money. ..You
graduated from Uniben …2003…Geophysics….I
was a Lag girl…pol science..I dropped out…
Me: why?
Amarachi: I had money…we didnt see the need..
Me: tell me about the last few days. ..before the
Amarachi: You travelled to Ghana to secure a deal,
I was in Abuja..on an errand for you…you told me
you will tell me what the deal was about when you
came back…
5 days later, you said you were robbed but you will
deal with it…you were waiting for me in lagos
when I got back from Abuja…you were in my
house. U suddenly got a call that was
urgent. told me you had to go home and pick
some documents..I dont ask you too many
questions. it was, I was fighting for my
relationship. ..I thought it was a girl that needed
your attention. On your way back from wherever
you went to, you had an accident . I got a call frm
Favor, that my friend that you didnt like…she said
you had an accident and had been rushed to the
hospital. .Lota. I got there…you had disappeared.
Me: im sorry for the past and who I was…
Amarachi: you are never sorry…you are too proud
for that..thats one of the things that turned me on
about you.. are u turned on right nw…
Amarachi: dnt be silly….
Me: bad..
After packing a lot of clothes and shoes..for two…I
checked my cabinet and saw a key to a 2008
Amarachi: thats your favorite car…
Me: thank you very much…I will see you again, for
now I have to disappear..
Amarachi: are u in trouble. ..?
Me: Yes..but for a while. .
Amarachi: I hope to see you again…soon..
Me: dnt tell anyone abt me…not even your
boyfriend. .
Amarachi: ok…
Me: kiss me..
Amarachi: ok….
I was surprised …but she walked up to me and
kissed me fully on the lasted for about 5
seconds. ..felt like 1…
Me: I am sorry
Amarachi: dnt be sorry…just be you..
I had texted Bayo to meet me at Famolo bridge…
Me: where u dey?
Bayo: I dey front of that plaza, I dey sit down for
the aboki shop..I dey smoke Benson..
When I saw him I smiled …he was on a chelsea
jersey with a black jean..had a small travelling bag
with him.
He must have told the Aboki something because
that one kept laughing even as he left..I hoped it
wasnt about the size of my dick.
Bayo: howfar…I don sell my okada…I sell am
40k…atleast that one go push us small..
Me: before we start Fuji Music abi?
Bayo: loool ode…even Pasuma no rise fast fast like
I brought out my key and unlocked the car..that
was when he realised it was actually my car and
not that I was being dropped off..
Bayo: mehn…this your car no bad oh….kwam1 get
the kind…
As I approached the driver’s door he pushed me….
Bayo: gimme key me be driver…u be
conductor…no ever forget…
I really loved the car…
Bayo was at the steering, smiling sheepishly…
Bayo: so where to now?…
Me: Ondo, Ibadan or Abeokuta. ….choose 1…
He looked up…closed his eyes then seemed to
Me: huh?
Bayo: Ibadan bro…

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    Wow I love the story die the suspense the action the sex thingy etc

    but I don’t think the dates are correct in that aregbesola became osun state gov in 2011 of which u have mentioned his name while u were in the park and at the same time, u can graduate in 2003 and u are 26yrs in 2011 which is the least year the story occur in real time according to your story

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