Chapter 27:Sad News

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We all sat down in shock when we receive the news of the tragic death of mr Sunny, tears could be seen on the face of all the students because even if he usually beats us and we sometimes hated him no one was supposed to die like he did.

Uncle sunny was a cultist and his sister went to fetch water from a neighbouring area whereby the opposition cultist were.

When a guy who was her brother’s rival saw her, he took her bucket and throw it away while barring her from fetching water.

Uncle sunny sister got offended and boasted that her brother was a cultist and that he would deal with the guy.

The guy slap her and she ran home crying to her brother, Uncle sunny who did not even wait to hear what his sister had to say, brought out a stainless pistol and marched with his sister to the boy that slap her and he shot the boy twice in the heart.

The guy fell down dead while his fellow opposition members rushed uncle sunny since he neither came with his boys or informed them, he tried running but the overtook him and panel beat the piss out of him.

He was stoned, butchered, battered and chop with cutlasses with his intestines coming out before he was finally burnt to ashes.

The teacher that came even showed us his charred remains, the whole class was weeping and sorrowful.

Why would a young man who was the only son of a very rich man join cultism?

Why would a handsome man like uncle Sunny die just like that?

Why did the people that killed him not have pity and handed him over to the police?

Were the words that ran through my mind, while i shed bitter tears for the teacher that never fails to pamper my arse. Why? why? why?

Judith cried that day until she was sick and i wondered if she and uncle sunny had something in common.

That day during assembly, the flag was lowered and we had a one minute silence for him, a soul that had gone to waste.

Big uncle talked about the ills and dangers of cultism and he advised us to be careful not to fall a victim. Because of his words i promised myself till date that i would stay away from cultism forever.(well am still keeping that promise)

“But don’t forget to pay your school fees because from next month we would start driving students” big uncle concluded and stepped down from the podium.

So after this sad issue, this man is still reminding us about school fees, abi he cant just dash us that term free of charge, i tot sadly.

I went home without telling my dad about the school fees stuff but it seemed my sister did because before going to school the next morning he gave us to go and pay.

I took mine and put in my socks and went to school, when i told Judith to escort me to go and pay the school fees she encouraged me to hold it till they start driving students.

I agreed and i waited till the students were driven which made us happy as we marched outside to go to our various houses.

But i was stuck because my dad was at home and he already gave me money, so if i go home i would have a lot of trouble on my hands so i asked judith what i was going to do.

“Have you forgotten what you told me” she smiled a cocky smile.

“What’s that” i asked her surprise.

“Remember when you said i should buy something for you and you promise to do whatever i told you”

“Em, yes i remembered now, so what has that got to do with now”

“You are going home with me then i would give you money for transport”

well the idea frightened me because i had never gone that deep into makurdi before and i doubt know her area was like but i concluded that it was better to do her wish than to gain my father wrath on my head.

“Ok lets go”

she smiled and took my hands like we were a couple and when we reached the main road we entered a bus and went to her place.

Everywhere looked absurd to me but i claimed like a bad guy and conducted myself.

She took out the key from under the foot mat and went inside. I followed her and sat down while she went inside and came out with a towel round her body and passed me to the bathroom.

My eyes was following her fat arse but i conducted myself and my JT and concentrated on the cartoon i was watching.

“Uduak pull your cloth and come and scratch my back for me” judith called from the bathroom while i froze with 1000 things running through my head, should i, should i not.

I choose the second option and sat like i did not hear her until she came out of the bathroom and entered the parlour naked.

Damn my eyes could not help feeding itself because hers was the biggest puny i ever saw.

“What are you staring for, wont you come lets go inside” Judith said amused.

My brain had gone into shut down mood and i just kept staring at the wonders of the mighty lord. Her body was the most matured i ever saw it was even better than Tolu’s.

I did not waste time again i just got up with unsteady legs and walked to her while she took me to her room and taught me the advanced course of kamasutra.

Then i knew that Tolu was a learner. She gave me money to board a public bus after escorting me to the road.

I went home and fell on my bed till evening while i went to the field to play ball, i saw Mercy from afar and i remembered our malaise.

I continued playing with my mates and missed alot of chances which made my mates remove me, truth was my mind was on mercy and i felt guilty because of the way i treated her, i pushed that thought the corner of my mind.

I was put back into the game and i was forming fake Ronaldo when i tried dribbling an opponent who was wearing a boot when i step on me.

I pulled out of the game to go and face another trouble at home, my mother.

“Where have you been” she queried.

I was not ready to lie so i just told her i went to play football.

“So is it because your father is not around that you can go out as you want, your junior waec i s around the corner and you are not showing any signs of reading or seriousness to read”

I wondered why my mother would refer to my dad to threaten me like as if he was angel Michael and i was lucifer.

I cared less about the junior waec because as for me anybody that wrote it always passed no matter what.
“Mummy abeg flog me i don tire to hear your talk” were the words that came out of my mouth, because i was tired of her gibberish stuffs and i wanted her to flog me to get over with it.

“Oya go and find three big canes”

i quickly ran outside and took three fake canes that i plucked and dropped outside in anticipation of any punishment.

“Oya lie down” yeah mehn, today my bottom go get food.

She flogged the first one and the cane broke to pieces, the second, third and that was all, i brought three fat cane but received only three strokes because all the sticks broke. In my mind am sure i was feeling like albert einstein, but that was the beginning of my troubles.

“Where is the receipt of your school fees” was the first word that came out of my father’s mouth when i welcomed him that evening.

I had totally forgot my package with Judith, i looked at him confused then i lied the only lie that came to my Albert Estien turned zombie brain.

“They have not reached our class yet and i went to pay they say receipt is not yet out”

my sister wanted to debunk my statement and brought out her own but i gave her one ‘abeg na’ eye and she maintained and gave me an ‘if you like don’t pay tomorrow, i would tell’ look.

I went to my room and started searching for my money, i searched all my books and bag but i saw nothing until i settled down and started thinking, then i struck me.

I had left the money in my socks, i quickly jumped to where my socks was but it was not there, i was almost crying when i remembered that i had pulled it off during my romp with Judith.

I prayed that night that if God help me see my socks and money intact i would stop sinning, a promise i never kept.

I dreamt alot of worried dreams and woke up late as usually, i went to school like a zombie and collect my late comer strokes of cane which brightened my head alittle.

I met Judith in class and told her my problem, she laughed and told me that she saw it at home and kept it for me with the money intact.

At last i could smile a little, i followed her that day home to collect my property but not before she molest me.

I went to pay the school fees and gave my dad the receipt.

After about a week Judith started behaving strangely, she was always vomiting, lying down on her desk and other stuffs until one day she fainted in class.

Everyone was frightened and some big boys rushed her to the school clinic where she was examined and tested.

The librarian came to tell the class the second most baddest news i heard in jss3. My pulse was beating fast and i also felt like fainting because i tot my own destruction have come.

“Judith is doing well and fine but she has been expelled from this school because she is ………….(Fill in the blank space)

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