Chapter 26

Im in the middle of an ocean, trying to stay afloat
but I kept sinking, there was a canoe close to me.
Bayo and Cynthia were in it. I was screaming for
help but they weren’t responding. They just kept
talking to each other. It was getting harder to stay
afloat. I looked up again and it wasn’t was
Taofeek. He looked at me and smiled…
Bayo: wake up wake up dem don catch thief..wake
Me: wetin be my business? Free me jor…
I knew we would start work by 5am, waking up
because of a thief around past 4 was
wickedness. .
Bayo left me without uttering a word. I tried going
back to sleep but couldn’t. The car’s bonnet was
wet with dew. I decided to plan my day. How I was
going to meet the fair lady and figure out who I
was….she must have chosen 2pm to be able to
slip into the crowd if she changed her mind, I
guessed. After multiple scenarios played in my
head, I became fed-up..I stood up to go search for
my partner.
I saw him among a crowd. They all seemed to be
energised and talking rapidly about the subject in
the middle. As I got to him I realised why.
Looking over his shoulder, I saw the thief. ..he had
been bound by his feet. Blood was dripping from
the corner of his mouth, there was a blood all over
his yellow shirt, from a source I didnt care to
Unknown guy: make we carry am go police station
for morning..
Most people: yes./ok./ so we go do am..
Bayo: oya na, na wetin we go do be dat.
I was glad that the guy wasnt to be lynched. There
was a pistol beside him . That should be enough
evidence for him to be convicted.
Taofeek: No!….No!….we go kill am ni o…
The place became quiet…the loudest sound was a
couple of murmurs from d crowd.
Taofeek: if police carry this guy day him
go thief day him go kill again..
I tapped Bayo and asked him if the guy had killed
anyone. Bayo didnt answer me, instead he spoke
directly to Taofeek.
Bayo: no kill dat guy…you don beat am tire…e
neva do you?..
Taofeek: come stop me na..if u get d mind, come
stop me..
His two goons moved close to Bayo.
He already had a metallic pole in his hand, it was
as if we all held our breathe. The guy on the
ground looked up..he was begging for mercy when
the pole crashed on his head…cracking it open as
blood gushed out. The sound that came out of the
guys lips wasnt like that of a man or an
was a mixture of pain, anguish and surrender.
Taofeek: any body get bad tyre for here?
One of his goons by the name of Chinedu,
hurriedly got a tyre and some petrol..
The thief couldn’t talk or move, but his eyes seem
to open wider when the tire fell on him. He seemed
to be asking…’Am i going to really die like this’?..
Some people with weak minds stepped back, I
guess they couldnt stomach the coming carnage. .
After dousing the tire and the guy with petrol,
Taofeek took a quick look at me…it was the same
smile he had given me in the dream. Then he set
the guy on fire.
Bayo turned abruptly and I followed him. He was
vexed, I had never seen him in such a mood
Bayo: Taofeek didnt care that the guy is a thief..he
is a thief himself. That guy was killed because of
us. He was passing a message. Get that girl by
2..find out everything abeg..this place don too
dangerous for you. You must be gone by today.
Me: I cant leave you..
Bayo: but I cant leave the park. I no go skul, I no
get money. This park is all I have , Otunba.
Me: we will sort it out. We will survive. You took
care of me. .by God! I will return the favor…
Bayo: ..but I am Omooba Mazamaza.
Me: You can be prince of anywhere else…
Bayo: Shade, Bose, Ezinne, patience….even mama
Kudus…all that congo…gone?
Me: if we sort out this mess…plenty more
Bayo: hmmmm..Alhaji will find us…yeeeeh..
Me: I wnt leave you here….
Bayo: I will say u escaped. ..
Me: Taofeek will say its a lie..know its a lie…dem
go kill you.
Bayo: I don dey like dat bus o…
Me: Bayo focus!
Bayo: ok broda..ok…
As we made what we hoped was our last morning
run..I could swear I saw wetness in Bayo’s
eyes..he was about to lose everything….all his
friends because of me. But as we drove I made up
my mind it was for the best..
We would figure out how to make a better life.
Cynthia said I looked rich..the fair lady will help
me figure out my finances too..
Bayo: Kekere…
Me: ehn?
Bayo: I go like be fuji musician o…so put that in
Me: all na still Agbero….
Bayo: you go dey do back up for me?..
Me:…loool…I will do anything for you…I will be
anything. ..lets just get out of here alive..
Bayo.: ok bro…like Batman and Robin hood…
Me: No …Batman and Robin…
Bayo:…na Robin hood jor…olobe!..
Me: ok…me and you…like Batman and robin
As we started our last trip…I could help but ask..
Me: Bayo, who be batman and who be robin?
Bayo: who be the thief…..?
Bleep him.

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