Chapter 26: New Year, New Troubles

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I was shifted to jss three A this time where i group with some of my main buddies like Judith, Julian the muscle boy, another boy John and lots more.

The class was fun because we now had alittle liberty to flog jss2 students and we had a little bit more respect from teachers or so i tot but i was wrong.

“Are you mad, this is my seat” we heard a female voice shouted in class that same first day.

We turned to see Jamilu; the guy i ran with his koran, standing and fuming with a fat girl.

It seemed that the seat was hers before but Jamilu unknowingly sat on it and he is claiming it now.

During the first day of school, students usually scamper around looking for seats because it seems angels of darkness usually take the seats to other places for their meeting or so we tot.

Rumour had it that big uncle was their chairman sef.:D so any body that finds a desk usually protect it with his or her life to prevent stories that touch.

Jamilu came to class that day and saw a free desk and the young man gratefully claimed it, that was his mistake because the owner was x2 the weight of Jamilu and so if she sat on him am sure he would spill his guts.

But Jamilu was forming tall macho dude and refuse to stand up.

Before i could say “Jamilu abeg na” he landed the girl a slap that could make hulk hogan go down to his knees.

The slap only woke up the sleeping demon in the girl that she gave Jamilu x2 of the slap she refused.

They started boxing and karating and i gleefully sneak out to call my man, mr Ephraim.

The class was in uproar, while some people were supporting their fighting ministry, others were trying to separate them.

“Who is fighting in this class” mr Ephraim’s hardened voice screamed. I perfectly sneaked in without anyone knowing and i sat to watch the award winning drama:.

The class was in confusion and even the two culprits started shaking their hands and cleaning each other’s clothes but it was too late because Mr Ephraim had seen them already and he called them out.

“What happened?”he asked.

“Sir nothing” they chorused with us the viewing committee grinning.

“Ok i believe you people were doing nothing but i caught you people acting a movie so i want you guys to act it accordingly again let me watch and if you do one mistake you would receive three strokes of this cane” he said while waiving his cane, a cane that i have never seen broken before because it seemed it had been constructed specially for students bottoms.

The two movie stars were looking at their selves in horror and their faces looked sorrowful, i started enjoying the show alittle.

“I said start” Mr Ephraim voice brought them back to reality.

Jamilu started with his slap and the girl replied him back while we the audience giggled. But they were not ready to continue again.

“Is this all they did?” Mr Ephraim shouted.

“No” with my voice screaming the loudest.

“Oya lie down” he gave them three fat strokes each and told them to start all over again.

He continued like that until they were all shedding crocodiles tears, and i suddenly started feeling sorry for them because there was a part of the fight which Jamilu grabbed the girl’s bosoms and he was not willing to grab it again, which made Mr Ephraim flogged them the more.

The whole class was quiet and i saw Judith also crying and begging the man. It seems her tears was an elixir because he pitied them and allowed them to go to their seats.

He finally warned us to behave ourselves and not fight again. When he left the class captain asked who informed the teacher but no-one responded and that was how that case died.

If na so first day of school sweet, i don’t mind staying in jss three for ever or so i tot.

“Mercy wait na” i shouted as i saw her from afar.

My arse was boiling because i had just been flog by the most wicked teacher in the school; mr Sikiru.

Mr sikiru was the government teacher and he always shine his head.

He and mr boko were fellow boko haramist(no pun intended). They were both terrible flogger, if mr boko was a flogging champion, mr sikiru was the world flogging terrorist, it seemed they both went to the school of flogging.

That day i woke up early but i wasted time and i wanted waiting for Mercy but she went in her dad’s car that day so i trekked to school only to face lots of late comers at the gate all shivering.

I look at them and laugh, in my mind i was like, which kind yeye teacher dey flog wey students no wan go receive the cane, abi na big uncle.

I bounced inside while they gave me space like i was an hiv patient. What i saw made my eyes bugged.

Mr sikiru was the one on duty and he was flogging with a youth copper but all the students were running to the corp member side.

The corps member was flogging twelve strokes each while mr Sikiru was flogging only four strokes, but why would someone in his right sense prefer 12strokes than just four, well i found out later.

When i walked majestically, uncle sikiru had ordered the other teacher to stop flogging and leave the rest of the students to him, that was why plenty students were standing outside but a smallish jss3 student wanted to lead the way and i was hurriedly given the mantle of leadership.

I was about reversing when mr Sikiru caught my shorts and dragged me forward.

I closed my eye tight as the heavy four strokes fell on my bottom, it seemed my walking posture changed because i found myself walking like a train had just hit my arse.

Nobody could laugh because their turns were gonna come and i smiled in ecstasy when mr sikiru increased his cane to five strokes.

When i saw Mercy i quickly bone and started using my left leg/cripple walking to a swagger walk.

Mercy heard me spoke to her but she just went passed while i into my class heartbroken, but what have i done to this girl to deserve this i tot.

I went into my class and sat down with my half bottom because my arse was in terrific pains.

During break, i went to her class again and saw her about going out.

“mercy, why are you avoiding me na” i asked her as i placed a hand on the wall to prevent her from walking out.

“So you are asking me eh, you don’t know what you did again”

“What did i do na” i asked in a little kids voice even when i know quiet alright what went wrong.

She simply slapped my hand away and walked away, i was not a kind of guy that begs girls or that love romantic stuffs i just turn my back and went to my class.

“Judith i dey hungry o”, i told her with a sad look in my eyes.

“If i buy for you, would you do what i tell you ba” she asked looking and smiling a cocky smile at me.

“Yes o, even if its to beat uncle sikiru i would do it” i boasted.
She laughed at my stupidity and took me out like a correct sugar mummy;).

She bought me alot of things and i even saw mercy looking at us, that prompt me to pull Judith hair and she slapped me and started laughing. In my mind i was forming revenge things.

After the break my conscience started disturbing me and i put my head on my desk and started thinking about the night with mercy;

After kissing for a while and fondling her bosoms she took off her skirt and i was eager to put to practice what Tolu taught me.

But it seemed the prayer led by my father was affecting us because i tried entering her but it seemed there was a brick wall there because i pushed till my dick bent.

I was flaggerabasted and tried again but it seemed that Angel Michael had been sent to block the entrance which frustrated me.

What i did not know was Mercy was a virgin, i tot she was closing there with her fingers, i pushed tire until she was also feeling pains and she slapped me hard and got up, maybe she thought i was inexperienced and i was using fire wood to insert her.

I was annoyed and sad but i could do nothing, i just wore my trousers and went back to church.

Mercy had been avoiding me since that morning i confronted her. Many thoughts ran through my head; why would i be able to enter Tolu and mercy’s was impossible, my thoughts were cut short when a teacher with a sad face entered our class to call the register.

I remembered then that uncle Sunny had not come to school that day, and we asked the teacher about him and he gave us the news that spoiled my day permanently.

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