Chapter 24: Zenda Boys

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The next morning i woke up by 8pm because no one woke me up and smelled a nice aroma coming from the parlour.

I quickly rushed and brushed my teeth and i went to the dining room to meet Tolu waiting for me with a cocky smile her dimpled face.

“How was your night”she asked me.

Like she don’t know how my night was, well she molested me abi we molested ourselves.

“It was fine” i answered her and sat down and joined her in the breakfast of scrambled eggs, bread and tea.

We ate in silence with her stealing glances at me like she had won a million naira un lottery on my head.

After everything, we went to watch television and as if she knew that i knew what she did the last night she started kissing me and romancing my chest while i sat like a macho man but i was turned on already and i could not stop this fresh food that just awaited me.

We had one round while she taught me different skills and position.

That girl was really a pro, she was just bleeping me like a porn star.

I slept and wake up with my head feeling like a whole metal had been dropped untop, she wanted more like she was a machine but i ran into my room and closed the door.

I avoided her like a plague until her parents came back, because my conscience was hitting me like a tsunami.

Our lives returned back to normal and finally the d-day reached.

Christmas was my most eventful day because i always had new clothes and that was the day even a beggar can eat and reget rice.

A poor family always produce rice from no where, i don’t know if they had been hiding their rice somewhere till christmas.

There were dishes to wash, visitors to attend to and even meat to steal.

Sorry i don’t mean stealing, but what do you called an act of carrying an excess amount of meat that belong to someone else.

I was just helping them to finish what would have been given to their dogs at the end of the day.

My parents and siblings came in the afternoon and i begged them to take me back atleast for that day and the next because my hands were scratching me to throw knockouts.

They agreed and we all left after eating food and meat that made our stomachs budge, i reached north bank(where we stayed then) and i quickly ran to kolo house.

He was happy to see me and quickly brought some packets of knockouts and gave to me.

I was so overjoyed and i totally forgot what happened to us when we went to buy last neither did i care to ask where he bought it from.

I had totally forgot the state government warning on throwing of knockouts.

We went out to an open field and started throwing knockouts to all passerby especially girls and little children who scrambled in fear when ever we throw it at them.

We saw an old woman who was walking at our direction and we hid ourselves and when she came near we threw it at her unknowingly.

The sound almost made her jump out of her skin while we laughed like mad dogs.

“This children, police go catch una” the woman cursed.

“Go call them na” we shouted at her in ecstasy and fun. Not knowing that what ever an elderly person says it always comes to pass.

We kept on throwing knockouts when we heard a car noise behind us and a voice shouted.

“All of you, stay where you are”

we turned round to face the most dreaded police group in the whole of Benue state- OPERATION ZENDA.

Operation zenda is a military/police group who specialize in the capture of armed robbers, cultist and also miscreants like us.

Word has it that operation zenda were made up of ex-prisoners and bad dudes who were pardon and allowed a unit to catch criminals which the nigerian police where afraid to handle.

The always tie a red bandanna on their heads and they were always on mufti. You could ask any cultist in makurdi what his greatest fear is and their name would be mentioned for you.

People said a slap from the hands of one of those dudes could make a man confess his sins, there was a time they were chasing thieves and had a flat tire and stop at a vulcanizer’s shop to pump their tyres.

But the man was telling them to wait that he had other customers, the slap he was given made him arrange their tyres and told them to go that it was free of charge. So thats what their slap can do.

I saw another case live but that would be in my sequel story to this one.

So it was with horror that we looked at the man talking to us and without anybody telling us we ran like mad deer for our lives because if we were caught the bail out would be 10,000 naira then.

We ran for our lives and the came down from their cars and started chasing us in all directions.

Two were hotly on my heels, maybe they saw that i was the person that threw the knockout last, and the only word that was hitting my brain was I DON DIE.


I ran like Usain bolt while the zenda boys ran like they had ferrari tyres on their legs.

When i put gear 2 they were already on gear 4, i quickly negotiated the bend to my house and flew the low fence and Pooh i landed into the gutter.

I laid still as i could and i could hear their voices cursing breathlessly and swearing under their breath.

They later left and i got out of the gutter with my fine xmas clothes looking like that of a roadside mechanic.

Atleast i was not caught and i promised my self never to throw knockouts again.

When i got inside i was use as a laughing stock and i told them i tripped and entered a gutter.

I change and went outside to meet some of my fellow knockout throwers who share their stories.

We were standing near an overhead tank that was laid on it side on the ground.

“Na which of una fit fly this tank” Umbgede, an idoma boy asked us.

He ran first and jumped the tank while we all hailed him and some others boys also jumped.

I saw Mercy coming from far looking radiant as usual. I did not want her to see me as a weakling so i shouted her name for her to look at me.

“Chai my eye don break o” i screamed while turning on the ground, i had ran back and jumped but i was not paying my full attention because i was checking out Mercy.

I had landed on my forehead and i grew a huge ball of meat on my right eye brow.

My day could never get better, or so i tot. I went home admist laugh from every one around and even my siblings laughed at me saying that Santa Claus had just deposited a gift in my eyes.
The school started and we all resumed with our different tales of christmas and new year.

We met old and new class mates and new pals. Uncle Sunny came to our class as usual without no cane or koboko, he said his new year resolution was never to bring cane to class again.

We all were glad, thinking that he had done a great thing sand we wished him luck in his commitment until a boy spoiled the whole show.

A big boy in our class who we called Danladi, a person that would have been fathering 5 children opened his rotten mouth and said.

“Sir that means i would start following girls again”

“What did you just say now” uncle Sunny turned and look at him. The foolish goat still repeated what he said and he was asked to come knee down outside.

We were expecting uncle Sunny to maybe bring out his belt and flog the boy but we were wrong. Uncle sunny never kept any resolution.

To our surprise he rolled one hand of his long sleeves shirt and brought out a freshly plucked cane that could make a brother run for his life.

He trashed the big dude till the boy started shedding all his holidays tears and all the calories in his body were dried up.

He went back to his seat while holding and scratching his arse like a rat stealing things.

I had settled down in school and i remembered that a useless prefect called Jacob was on my wanted list so i started thinking on the best of ideas to punish him back then.

An idea that came quickly.

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