Chapter 23:How I Lost My Virginity

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“I choose T” i said anxiously to see what she would ask.

“How old are you”

“10 years”

Well this is easy i thought.

“I choose D” she said.

Exactly what i was waiting for, i dare you too bring one can of juice for me, i said with my fish brain. She went and brought it and we continued.

“I choose T” i said again.

“Do you love me” she asked.

At that moment i was confuse because i was with her friend and she knew it but she was also bribing me with money so she was expecting me to love her so i choose to accept it.

“Yes” i said with a straight face while she gave a small laugh and said my turn.

“i choose T” she said.

“How old are you”


So this girl old pass me self, i tot. So i choose D in my turn, that was were my mistake started.

“Take off your shirt” she said sexily.

I was shy but hell yeah its only shirt so what so i pulled it off and stayed shirt less, in my mind i promise to do the same to her if she mentions D. I was wrong, she choose T

“Do you have a boyfriend” i asked when i could not find anything better to ask.

“No and yes” she said which confused me.

“I choose T” i said.

“Have you bleep a girl before” she ask me while my eyes open in surprise.

“Yes and no” i said also because if judith’s case with me was considered as bleeping then it was yes but if not its no. She just smiled and choose what i expected her to say exactly.

“I choose D” she say again excitedly.

This babe go hate herself for life, i tot.

“I want you to take off your clothes” i said with my heart pounding because i never thought she would agree to it but unfortunately for me that excited her and she quickly got out of her shirt and skirt and she sat down there without anything on, she was bare with no panties on which surprised me and my JT gave an acknowledged nod for my brain’s well done job. I pressed my young man down and told it to respect itself and don’t disgrace me.

“Ok i choose T” i said while i wanted to bleep her a part of me was still trying to resist so i wanted playing wisely.

“do you want to bleep me” she said still smiling like she did not know that she was naked or that my JT was nodding above my shorts level.

“Emmmm no” i said. My mouth was dry and i wanted to clear the air.

“You have lied, then why is your dick at attention” she said laughing loudly. For lying i have the right to do what ever i like with you so i dare you to take off all your remaining clothing.

I had no choice except my dicck that was still glad that it has finally won the battle and i pulled my shorts and quickly covered my privates with my hands.

In my mind i was wishing why i started playing the game at first but it was too late now and every resistance i had disappeared when she kissed me.

We tangled ourselves and rolled round the room while kissing while i did not hesitate to feel her bosoms and suck the tips while she moaned and finger bleep herself and occasionally grabbed my JT which brought some strange sweet feelings to my brain, the kind i have never experienced before.

She laid me on the ground and took my dick in her mouth, that moment it felt like i was being drained from down there and it seemed my blood was pouring out.

The feeling was too sweet for my liking that i could not bear it anymore. I pushed her up when it seemed like i was going to piss and i ran into the bathroom only to find out nothing came out.

I had suddenly come back to my senses so i ran to my room and lock the door.

She was perplexed at my sudden reaction and she left me alone after dropping my clothes in front of my door which i saw when i came out after sleeping that evening.

During afternoon/night food we said nothing to each other till we were through and she went to watch a Ghanian movie while i went to bed.

I had a dream that i was bleeping a girl who was untop of me, she was so heavy that i wanted to push her off but it seemed she was pinning me down, i could only moan and struggle alittle while enjoying myself.

Only to wake up from the dream to feel heavy like i was carrying obasanjo belly around my groin area and i felt pleasant stimulation and a female voice moaning gently.

I became fully awake and i could distinctively hear Tolu’s voice moaning while she rode me like a hummer jeep.

There was nothing i could do except enjoy myself and wait for her to finish raping me.:D

When she was through with me she got off and kissed my limp joystick and tip toed back to her room.

In her mind she would be like “he don’t know what i just did, he was busy sleeping”. Not knowing that i also partook in the show.


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