Chapter 22: Tolu’s Tale2

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After eating, i was about asking for second round because the way i rushed the food, i took it as my first round. But i was wrong, as soon as finish my own nothing was added for me again.

I forgot that it was not my house that i could fetch up to even 3rounds.

“Chai, rich people sef dey suffer” i tot

After the meal i ran and jumped on the chair to watch African Magic but i was shouted upon to leave the seat for the elders.

Then i remembered that they were yoruba and they always had respect for their elders so i got up and sat with Tolu at the dining table while her parents sat down on the parlour chairs and watch TV.

But in my father’s house we usually sat down all together and watch TV’ or so i tot.

We later prayed and went to bed, while i toss and turn because i had never slept in a room like my own so i felt lonely and even miss my brother who rolls on my body, atlast sleep carried me.

At six on the dot, i was woken up and i groan “Not again” in my house as far as it is holidays you can sleep till ten in the morning but here everyone must wake up by six. That was then i realised that my dad truly wish bad for me.

We cleaned the house and prayed then bath and then came together for breakfast which the father did pray again before anybody touched anything.

Before then i thought that it was only butter that was applied on bread but that day i saw wonders, there was mayonnaise, jam and other concoction which i applied thinking that i was doing my stomach good.

I ate almost ten slice of bread without any body telling me anything. I agreed again that money was good.

After breakfast we cleaned up and we watch some boring channels that her dad put, i started day dreaming of playing football and scoring the winning goal for my area football team when we play against barcelona in the uefa champions league finals.

My stomach made a detoriated noise that brought me out of my thoughts and i quickly ran to the toilet to empty my rumbling stomach.

“God punish jam and mayonnaise e beta i for put only butter” i swore.

I came out of my room later by two pm, after visiting the toilet for the fourth time. Expecting to see afternoon food waiting for me on the table but the table was as bare as we left it in the morning.

They were all just sitting down watching a programme like they were not feeling hungry.

Tolu saw me and followed me when she noticed i had a worried look on my face.

“Food don finish for this house” i asked her when she entered my room.

“See you did you not eat this morning” she said while laughing like as if my face looked like that of a comedian.

“So una no dey chop afternoon food for this house”

“We are all watching our weights so we don’t eat all the time” she said and left me to go and continue watching her so-called interesting nigerian film.

I sat down and started missing home immediately, abi this people think am as fat as them, just see how am slim and they want to reduce my weight again.

Before i finish this waka my father put me in, am sure the people that were jealous of me that i was gonna get fat are not going to recognise me again because i would be like skeleton. For me it seems like this is what is called advanced poverty.

I layed down and painfully forced myself to sleep, in the dream i saw lots of food, without thinking of the implications of it i settled down and finish it.

I was woken up with a severe hunger, but i tot that if you eat in dream, your stomach would be filled up or so i tot.

I looked at the time and saw 5:30. I groan and followed tolu to eat my afternoon/night food.

I went to the table and met a heavy and salacious(i don’t know if its the dictionary) meal of Amala and vegetable soup with large chunks of meat.

I weakly sat at the table while every body took theirs. After prayer i quickly grabbed a huge loma of amala and was about eating when they stop me.

NB: loma means a big piece of something according to makurdi pidgin.

They gave me another rule again; never cut a chunk of food that you can swallow at once.

That was how i started cutting small lomas like i wanted to feed at chicken. In my house you can cut enough chunks and fill your both hands.

At the end of the meal, they all went to the parlour and were watching a film while i went inside my room to continue thinking.

I had badly started missing home because at home i wake up when i like, i eat what i like and when i like. I sat with my parents and watch television anytime i like, i even missed my mischief and beatings i got from it, my area football team, my amebo elder sister and my troublesome younger ones who never seize to report me anytime i touch them e.t.c and i concluded that there was certainly no place like home.

I slept that night dreaming of my babe mercy, in the dream she was seating on my lap and eating suya until i saw a devil came and knock me on the head and i woke up.

That devil was Tolu as i opened my eyes she had woken me up with a knock. It was six am already and it was time for waking up.

“Today my parents are travelling and we would have the house to do what ever we like, don’t worry i would show you something today” she said still smiling that mischievous smile again.

I looked at her and nodded, but my mind was not at rest concerning what she meant by showing me something.

Before breakfast i hid a little leather and hid in my pocket and during the breakfast i was busy transferring some pieces of bread under the table to my leather because i was not ready to die with so-called weight management. I always eat as much as my stomach can carry and i have never grew fat i was even nicknamed ‘man must wack’ so why would i want to die of starvation.

After breakfast they called both of us and informed us that all we were going to be eating for the next three days was in the freezer. They also made a time table for us and asked us to just warm the food and eat.

We packed their loads and they left while i and Tolu waved at them until they were above sight.

What was on my mind was that now i would be free to watch all the action films and cartoons i wanted but my attention was cut short when Tolu planted a kiss on my lips and ran inside saying ‘catch me if you can’.

I was shocked at her action and that was when i realised what she meant by showing me something but i was not interested so instead of running after her i ran into my room and lock the door.

She thought i was angry at her but i had other plans which was to eat the bread i have stolen.

She came to the door and started begging me that she was sorry but my mouth was filled with bread so i did not bother answering her, when she was tired she left.

I digested my bread with a can juice i stole(sorry i meant hustled) out of the fridge and rested.

What was on my mind was to pay her back with a kiss and maybe i might get lucky).

When i got to the parlour she was seating down with the remote in her hands while she watched a movie.

I heard moans from the movie and i looked and saw an american film with two people bleeping.

My hardon was raging but i was shy and try hiding it by sitting down and putting a pillow on my laps but i was too late because she had seen it.

“What is the name of this film” i asked her just to tense clear the air over us.

“Its the ‘last american virgin”‘ she said smiling mischievously.

“Don’t tell me you have never watch this kind of film before”she asked again.

The movie could be taken as a semi-porn movie because there was so many sex scenes in it and it was the first of television nudity i had seen apart from the ones i had seen live and direct when i was younger.

“Em no i have not seen this kind of film before” i said and she smiled with her beautiful dimples showing.

Anytime i see peoples dimples i get jealous of it and i try my mouth different styles to see if mine would come to no avail.

Tolu put off the TV and turned and faced me and asked; “can we play a game”

“What kind of game is that” i asked while my playing spirit started rejoicing at the thought of maybe playing football or what ever games girls like.

“Do you know truth or dare” she said.

“Truth or dare ke”, that was the first time i had heard that game and i looked at her to explain what it means.

“You would choose one and i would either ask you a question to give me an answer or i would dare you to do something which you must do” she said breathlessly.

Not bad at all i tot.

“Ok na let me start” i told her.

“Ok i choose T” i said.

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