Chapter 20

The bus was oozing of seminal fluids so we
opened the windows and door to to let the oozing
reduce. The tent was already filled up with
sleepers, leaving us with only the option of
sleeping beneath the stars. Bayo chose the bonnet
of a volvo car. It was elongated.
The girls left earlier after trying to persuade us to
come with them. But for reasons best known to
him, he said God didnt want us to wake up beside
women the next day….he was a prophet of God.
Bayo: I no know why people dey akway pity us
wey no get house. No A.C cool pass night breeze.
Me: when it rains…
Bayo: Tent or bus…
He brought out a blade of rizla and started treating
some pinches of he treated he sang a
couple of Pasuma songs. ..then he sang tuface ‘s
“if to say na just me”…the song got to me and we
sang louder and louder..
As we smoked the joint, the seed cracked under
the heat of the blaze and melted in our
mouths..the ‘choko’ taste was smooth…
Me: this weed make sense
Bayo: yes na…na Ijanikin weed. No be all this
Oshodi weed wey dem dey add banana leaf.
Me: so what happens nw…to do I get out
of this mess, people will be waiting for life
just paused. You must help me sort it out. Why
did I steal? I don’t think I am a thief. Will Alhaji kill
me after I remember everything?..what if I dont?
Bayo: really I dont knw..But we have to give Alhaji
something to hold on to. I have been lying to him
that you are remembering somethings. ..he wants
to know if you have remembered what you stole
and where you hid it.
Me: what did you tell him that I remembered?
Bayo: that you are a chelsea fan and you dont like
Me: but I like PDP
Bayo: Alhaji is a thug…during elections he works
for Tinubu. .
Me: then why cant I like PDP?
Bayo: they all have thugs…the one you know is
better than the one you dont…
Me: why did you tell him I hate PDP?
Bayo: because he might like you a little.
Obanikoro’s boys once shot at him, it shattered his
back glass.
Me: I dnt knw who Obanikoro is.
Bayo: ok…lets sleep..
Me : one more question …that guy on with the
ugly tribal mark. The one you didnt greet at
Alhaji’s house. Whats his proble…
Bayo: lol…you know for everybody there is an
angel and a demon?
Me: continue..
Bayo: well I am your angel…
Bayo: Taofeek is your demon. He watches every
move you make. If I am seen without you for a
long time…I will be dealt with, if he senses you
are not valuable anymore….he reports to the boss
and they decide whats next…I don’t like him..he
likes blood too much..
Me: but I told you I wasnt coming back why didnt
you persuade me, why didnt you tell me I was
putting you in trouble.
Bayo: you are a family kind of guy…except you
lose your senses again…you will always remember
I am your brother and you trust me.
Me: that doesn’t mean I will come back..
Bayo: Now that I have told you..I knw you wont
leave me to the wolves.
Me: but I gotta leave here soon.
Bayo: I have a plan, risky but good. You go like
Me: im scared of Taofeek.
Bayo: You should be very scared…I am scared
Me: he doesnt like you.
Bayo: yes…that too is another story…
Me: ok..tomorrow…
Dew was already falling on clothe was
wet..the car was getting wet too. But damn!…it
was cool…didnt feel any insect bite.
Bayo: by the way…I bought you some
boxers…Shade told me you dont have any..
Me: thanks, but thats weird bro. Hope it isnt
boxers with chelsea designs.
Bayo: No..o…hw na..
Me: thanks then….
Bayo: Mourinho’s face was on them sha o…
Me: Bleep you Bayo.
Bayo: Goodnight to you too bro…

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