Chapter 2

After the police arrive everybody started leaving one after the other after them don beat me finish just because of five naira i must wicked that girl put oh.
Police1: wetin they happen here.
Guy1: na thief him be.
Me still they ground do like say i faint, one of the police man took raise me up and took me inside the back of the van.
Police2: wetin him thief wey make una wan kill am?
They start whispering at each other one after the other.
Seller: him thief my money (she came out from the crowd)
police1: na how much him thief?
Seller: na five naira for my pure water.
Everybody started shaking head in sympathy.
Police2: so na because of pure water una wan kill am.
Guy: girl you be mumu, i think say na better thing him even thief mtchewww,.
He hiss like snake and walk away, as he left his gang followed him, e be like say na him be gang boss, they call him spanner.
The police men enter inside the van and zoom off, i manage to raise my head and saw three hefty mobile police men looking at me.
Police1: you don wake up?
Me: yes sir, thank you sir.
Police: thank you sir for what?
Me: for helping me.
Police2: so carrying you to station mean say we they help you, wetin be your name self.
Me: na Okugbe John.
Police: okugbe? you know okugbe joseph?
Me: yes, na my elder brother.
Police2: the one wey be police?
Me: yes sir.
Police1: na our oga, driver turn around abeg make we carry am go house, na our oga brother.
I know say my brother na police but i nor know which area im they serve but i know say na oga him be, they took me to my house straight and gave me 1000 naira to treat myself, i was so happy and i thank them very well, assuming they didnt come who knows maybe those people would have burn me alive.
I am Okugbe John AKA Ozila and i live with my elder brother in Sango-Ota, Ogun State Nigeria, though He’s not always at home which give me freedom to do whatever i want to do, so i enter inside my house and tidy myself up, light dey so i on our loader and started blasting music, come see as everywhere they shake, lol, i waka go frontage and sit down make i they look fine fine girls wey they pass, body no be fire wood, one girl with big yash waka pass my front see as her yash big, she come even they shake am put, some girls sha, i stay outside for some minutes before i decided to stroll out and get some body pains, e be like say body they pain me small small, i lock my door and took the 1000 naira and stroll outside, day don they dark small small, i walk to one chemist and get some body pain medicine, when returning back i saw some aboki selling suya, i decided to buy 200 naira own from the 800 naira remaining.
Me: aboki na how much you they sell?
Aboki: this one na 100 naira, this part 200.
Me: why e small like this na.
Aboki: walai oga na so we see am.
Me: okay put this one for fire for me abeg.
Girl: bros na only your own you wan buy?
I turn around and saw a slim girl with good asset from my back.
Me: hi, you talking to me?
Girl: yes i be say wether na only your own you wan buy, what of my own na.
I look her from up to toe, hmmm she look nice not too bad.
Me: oh please select the one you want, i said and gave her space.
She select 400 naira own chai this girl wicked oh.
Me: so whats your name?
Girl: am chidinma.
Me: waoh you are igbo in yoruba land.
Chi: yes bros oh, so whats urs?
Me: oh am John, nice to meet you.
I gave her a handshake.
Me: so are you a student or worker?
Chi: both, i school and i work.
Me: how.
Chi: well i do night work in one india company and school in nursing school.
Me: hmmm indian company, thats nice,.
I pay for our suya and decided to escort her a little.
Me: so what exactly do you do inside the company.
Chi: i work as security, thats where am going now.
Me: woah, a girl for a security hmmm i hope the money is big oh.
Chi: yes its manageable.
Me: like how much.
Chi: like 35 thousand naira.
Me: waoh please can you link me up am looking for a place to work.
Chi: no problem you will have collect the form 1000 naira and go for one week training.
Me: no problem so far am employed.
Chi: that wont be a problem trust me, thats the company over there.
She showed me a big company painted white and blue gate after we don waka for like five minutes.
Chi: thats where i work
me: hmmm i guess its time for me to go back then, please give me your contact.
Chi: okay
She called her number for me and i save it, i return home feeling like someone who won lottery, oh yes i forgot i won.

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