Chapter 19

Bayo: make we go inside bus small
Me: why?
Bayo: Shade and Bimbo dey come…I park the bus
for back back…
Nothing refreshes the mind more than casual sex. I
shouldnt be feeling guilty abt them yh?…I didnt
even know Cynthia’s Surname. And she had a
boyfriend. .whats wrong with me?..or am I
cheating on somebody I cant remember?
Bayo: first and most important we must renew our
strenght . We go first go drink Osomo and 33 for
mummy Elijah shop…u go rush am fast fast. In
less than 5min.
Me: I dont need that mehn….
Bayo: ode…try am first…I have my reasons…
As we strolled to her rickety bus packed behind the
pack, I couldnt help but notice the guy with the
ugly tribal mark. The stare he gave me was of
hatred. I made up my mind to ask Bayo what the
guys problem was.
Mummy Elijah was probably the fattest woman I
had seen physically..fat and short. I was not sure I
had seen any woman fatter even though I couldnt
remember. I saw a slim little boy with brown
dreadlocks beside her.
Mummy Elijah: mu 33 meji, Osomo kekere meji fun
awon boda yii.
Elijah: yes ma.
Elijah was dressed in a white garment called
‘sutana’. around his neck was a thin rope with
about 7 little crosses on it.
How can a child looking so spiritual be brought up
selling such unspiritual substances?
We sat down on two plastic chairs. As I obeyed
Bayo’s rule of 5min drinking, he was busy talking
with the woman with his swollen ugly eye
Mummy Elijah: who blow you for eye?
Bayo: Na Mopol o mummy, I dey pass one way na
him dem catch me. As I dey ask them if them no
knw omooba gbogbo Mazamaza, na him one of
them, I sure say na ibo…mummy that blow scatter
my brain.
Mummy Elijah: just because of one way?..God go
punish fashola!..rail way wey him wan build…three
years now dem neva finish, why una no go pass
one way?
Bayo: mummy u no wetin pain me pass?
Mummy Elijah: prince wetin
Bayo: I don make up my mind say I no go fight
police…na last year I make that vow..if not ehn…
We had been in the bus for about 15minutes when
they came..without much ‘how are you’…Shade
was already sitting on Bayo’s dick . Her back was
resting on his chest then she started undulating.
I wanted to Caress Bimbo too but she was having
none of it. Not like I needed it, the Osomo and 33
was a powerful aphrodisiac. All I needed was a
little imagination or suggestion for my dick to
become Hard.
She knelt on the back seat..her hands holding the
head rest. She shot her bum upwards..the cheeks
seperated exposing the opening of her V. It must
be the drink cuz my dick felt fuller and longer. As I
plunged into her holdin her waist she
But as a bad girl like she was in no time she
giving me back tit for tat. Her bum kept swallowing
my dick but it kept finding its way out…after
hitting her straight I decided to hit it sideways…I
was determined to knack all the corners of her
‘chambers’..Cuming didnt even occur to me…my
soul blessed Bayo.
After banging her from the back for about 15
minutes..she climbed down and told me to sit. I
was very obedient..then she squatted on my
dick..both of her legs were at the other sides of my
laps..she held firmly to the chair and started
moving…the hair of my dick was filled with the
fluids of her V. I sucked her Tips like a hungry
brat. It took me another 30mins before I came…
Bimbo: damn…I am sore..u have
burnt,me…chai..kekere you are powerful..o
I felt satisfied with myself..I am sure I have never
hit a girl this bad. I looked at Bayo and he was
giggling. I looked at Shade, Unclad and trying to
get Bayo up by sucking him but it wasnt
The way her waist was curved upwards and her
bosom dangled as she sucked him turned me on dick started getting hard.
Bayo looked at me and winked…he later whispered
to Shade.. inturn She came to whisper to Bimbo
who was putting on her jeggings. Bimbo nodded in
approval for whatever it was..
Shade then approached me..held my hard rocky
dick and massaged it..I looked at Bayo and he
gave me a thumbs up…
I wanted to touch her bosoms but she hit my
hand, I wanted to kiss her but she closed her
Then she put my dick inside her …she started
moving slow but later very fast…we were both
facing Bayo…
‘Cum my children..cum together’..he giggled…

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