Chapter 19: Mr Trouble

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I sat gisting with my friends and i was oblivious to the fact that i had committed a heinous crime.

I saw a shadow coming from my back but i did not bother to look who was it.

The next thing i felt was two hot spicy slap on both sides of my ear, which cause my ear to ring like a passing train. I was partially deaf but i heard her warning me never to try her again.

That day i learnt a bitter lesson and i have never tried touching a girl again.

‘All of you carry your selves outside’ a senior shouted at those that were still in the class when the bell for Games was rung.

We all ran outside gleefully and everyone went to look for a partner to gist with or play various sports.

Judith wanted me to come with her but i knew what was on her mind, so i refused so as not to get into more problem.

I went to the football field and stood there watching at people playing, suddenly a boy got a sprain on his leg and a replacement was needed.

I stood there laughing in my mind at the foolish boy who was struggling for ball as if he was paid to play.

I saw a hand beckoning me to come, i was not sure if it was i, so i turned my back and saw nobody, but the person was still looking at me and so i walked to go meet him.

When i got near to him i recognised him as Samson, my sisters classmate. He told me to join in the match. I was reluctant at first but then i agreed and the match continued.

I tried my best to avoid going for the ball except it was passed to me but that soon proved fruitless.

Suddenly a ball was shot to my direction, a huge boy was running to my direction, i remember my previous escapades, so i ran for my dear life.

But i tripped and fell because it seem the ball was behind me and i did not see it, i was covered in dust because the football field was a sharp sand land with no grass.

The next thing i knew was people kicking me and struggling to control me so that they can score their keepers, but the ball was too heavy and everyone stop to see.

There i was looking like i just entered from the sand storms of Dubai.

I quickly left them and went in down to a little stream and washed myself, and i joined the group watching handball, that was were i met Julian.

Julian was a boy with iron face, he look more like the wrestler kane. He had huge biceps and so when i saw him approach that day a strange fear came over me.

He had a plank in his hand and he gave me the plank to hold while he went to play handball.

I pitied the opposition keeper because anytime Julian was about shooting at the goal, the poor boy given the opportunity to man the goal always flee for his life.

At the end i waited for Julian to come collect his plank but he instructed me to follow, he took me to the same stream i washed myself and he cleaned his body.

When he was through he asked me which class i was, i told him that i was in jss2, he started laughing like he took ecstasy.

‘Sorry o’ he said while still laughing.

‘Sorry for wetin na, abi my trouser don tear’ i said while turning round to confirm.

‘I thought you were in jss1’ he said still laughing.

‘So which class are you’

‘Am also in jss2’

‘Chai, so you don punish me finish’

‘Sorry na, i did not know’ he said.

I escorted him to his class and i found out that he was in c-class while i was in b-class. We laughed at our mistake and he apologise again before i went back to my class.

Atleast i have found a macho friend i taught.
The sunday school service was packed full that sunday and after we were introduced to the church, we the children went to the children section to continue our service.

We meet different faces but only one made sense to me; Mercy.
I saw her sitting at one end with three of her friends, one in particular was looking at me.

She was hot(But not as hot as mercy, to my eye sha), fair and was more matured that the rest of them.

She was the one called to lead in praises, and the way she was singing like an americana put me off, it seem her parents were rich, that i was choose to learn later.

During preaching time she was busy scribbing something on a paper which i tot she was jotting. Any time i try looking at Mercy, the other girl would wink at me and i would turn again.

At the end of the service when we were about going to join the main service, she pressed a note into my hands when passing me and she turned and wink again.

‘Abi this girl eye dey pain her’ i tot while i put the note in my pocket till i got into the church.

When i brought out the note the first word i saw was ‘I LOVE YOU’

‘Chai, girls no go kill me’ i tot and continued reading.

“Ever since i saw you, i had been planning to tell you this, i like you and i would want us to be bla bla bla…’ the letter went on but the only thing that interest me was the hundred naira note she attached to the letter, which i gladly placed in my pocket for further notice.

“This girl dey claim say her papa get money abi, make she no worry i go help her chop am” i thought while looking at her and smiled. She thought i had agreed and she smiled back at me.

Before the church was over i had formed ghost mode and disappeared to my house, i did not send anybody to give me money abi.

“Uduak come make we go field go play ball” kolo urged me that evening.

“I hope the boys are not big abi”i asked him.

He confirmed that they were my mates before i followed him and we started jogging round the field and later we were shared and started playing.

I had some boys whistling and were saying see babe, i turned and hey were referring to no other person than my queen; Mercy.

I was furious ed and jealous at the same time, and the kinda spirit that came on that chinese dude in shaolin soccer came on me and i felt the world freeze when i collected the ball it seemed like only i and Mercy were left.

I started dribbling every opponent that came against me, it caused a stir and my fellow players started hailing me, i saw Mercy stood and was watching me.

I increase my nitro speed and beat the last defender, it was left only i and the keeper, he quickly remove his slippers and wore on his palms like oliver Khan, waiting for my shot.

I put every ounce of anger i could muster and shot the ball, it flew through the keepers outstretched hand and a that moment a car was passing through the back of the post and my shot ball strucked the side window which broke.

Instead of running around and celebrating my goal, everyone was running for their dear arse. I reached home faster than usain bolt ran his world record 100m race and locked myself. I prayed that God would help me that the person wont find my house.

“Good morning sir, we are happy to see you, God bless you sir” the whole class greeted uncle sunny, our form master who came to mark roll call and teach us that period.

My version of greeting was different, only Judith heard me and she nudged me and smiled., mine was a little silent to avoid getting into problem.

I said in my greeting; ‘who born you sir, we are angry to see you,God punish you sir’.

‘As you can see i did not bring my cane so i want all of you to respect yourselves’ uncle sunny warned us.

Uncle Sunny was putting on a white collar shirt with black chinos trousers and black cowboy boots. And he balanced it with a gucci mane shades, maybe it was because of his big eyes that could give Segun Arinze a run for nollywood most biggest eyes competition.

‘Sir lets see your collar first’ he raised it up and true to his words there was nothing. We relaxed a little and made noise occasionally which he did not mind, until two students started shouting at one another concerning a missing book.

Uncle Sunny warned them to keep quiet but they refused. He got angry and we were all waiting for what he was gonna do, then he put his shoes on someone’s desk and zipped it down and brought out his koboko.

‘Oya both of you come and lie down outside now’ uncle Sunny had not kept his promise, he flogged the students and the rest of us kept our mouths shut.

‘Gling, gling, gling’ the school bell rung for closure and we all shouted and ran outside like mad cows, i was their leader.

What we saw made our legs freeze and we all scamper back into the class.

Uncle Sunny was sitting outside our class, while marking some stuffs and his koboko was on the ground, when we came out his Segun arinze’s eyes that looked at us was enough to make us run back.

‘who were the people that ran outside just now, come out now’ uncle Sunny commanded with his koboko twisted around his hands.

We were all shell shocked and no one moved. My brain told me to come out because if i was pointed out it would be worse so i stepped out with fear.

‘Is he the only person’ uncle Sunny asked. No one agreed to come out again.

I was awaiting instructions to come lie down but he looked at me and told me to go home.

‘Oya the rest of you lie down’ he commanded while i fled home before he changes his mind.

I went home to meet another wahala, the man that i broke his car window with my ferocious shot was seating with my dad in the parlour, he had on a military uniform.

I intended running back but my dad saw me already and called me back.


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