Chapter 18

Throughout our remaining trip. I didnt say a word
to him, I didnt even look at him. He tried making
jokes and all but I didnt bulge. He even bought
plantain chips for me, I ignored.
Bayo: olobe! still dey vex for me?
I was worried about Cynthia, every masculine
nerve in me told me I should be with her.
Me: take me to iyana Iba. I have to see someone.
Bayo: Cynthia abi?
Me: none of your bleeping biz
Bayo: ok o…just know I gat ur back
Me: just keep your mouth shut.
Bayo: when will I come to pick u up?
Me: I hope I dont ever see u again.
Bayo: me!…e no reach like that na..I fit get
another work for Cynthia. Ask am if she fit be
agent for BaBa ijebu.
Me: the lotto ish
Bayo: ehn
Me: Your papa!
Bayo: oya, she fit they sell bread and beans?
Me: shut it!
I knocked the door about six times before she
came around to open the door. It was pretty late, I
could see from her eyes that she was scared.
Cynthia: what are you looking for?
Me: You…I am sorry. I was selfish, I was thinking
of me alone, I shouldn’t have put you into this.
Cynthia: then you are being selfish again being
Me: I just had to tell you how sorry I was to you
She attempted to bang the door but I stopped the
door with my leg. She looked at me with those big
eyes that weren’t too big but sexy big..
I put my hand on her cheek and expected a rebuke
but she just turned her gaze to the floor. I drew
her the day before she smelled like
Me: I would protect you.
I didnt even know the meaning of the statement
but I knew I wanted to tell her…I also knew I
wanted to kiss her again.
She looked at me again and inhaled deeply..I
noticed she was crying…I kissed her lips as d
salty tears found their way in. She didnt respond
for a few seconds then she kissed me back….I
hugged her tight.
My body wanted to spend the night but I decided it
would be too dangerous. I also didnt wanna push
my luck. She told me she had a boyfriend the
other day. Though they were having a break.
Bayo was waiting for me at Igando bustop, he
wanted to come all the way to Gowon Estate when
I told him to come pick me up. I couldnt decipher
if it was because he liked me or because he
wanted what was lost in my head. But I knew to
find best bet was to be close to him and
Alhaji. Alhaji held my past.
When I saw him on his bike hailing me as he saw
me, I felt powerless, for one of his eyes has
swollen shut from the punch. It looked very
painful. Still he was grinning ear to ear.
Bayo: we dey sleep for park this night o
Me: your eye looks terrible.
Bayo: lool…you no dey dere when Saka punch
me…for one week na ice block I dey use cure
Me: im sorry
Bayo: eeeeeyahhhh…you are romantic this night
o…e be like say that girl give you pomo.
Me: shut up jor…mumu…I love u too broda!
With that, we rode his bike into the night

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