Chapter 18: Women Affairs II

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I kissed her and i felt like my i was in heaven, but i was still not sure whether i was dreaming or not.

Until she took my hand and laid it on her bra, that was then that i knew i was not dreaming. I squeezed it and she moan.

‘Don’t stop, keep it up’ she urged me and that gave me more confidence place my hand more on her.

‘Don’t just touch the bra, put your hand inside’ she directed me.

She lay on the table while i opened her shirt buttons further and tried drawing the bra down but it was not co-operating.

She must have noticed my struggle so she ease up a little and pulled it down for me to have more access.

The sight of her volumptous tips almost bugged my eyes out with wonder, i had never seen anything like that before so i kept looking at it like it would bite me.

‘What are you waiting for’ she asked when she felt me doing nothing.

‘I don’t know what to do’ i said confused.

‘did you not suck your mother’s bosoms?’

‘ow so its like that’, i asked a foolish question.

‘Yes of course do it fast’ she said breathlessly.

I did not hesitate again, i quickly brought out my tongue and started sucking her nipples, atleast i revenge all my four days fasting when i was born on bosoms.

“Suck harder”, she moaned and held my head tight on her cleavage.

She started twisting herself and told me to shift a little, when i did she opened her skirt hook and put her hands in her panties, i wanted asking her what she was doing but i kept quiet.

She was still moaning with her hand in her panties while i was still sucking her tips.

“Who is there” a voice that shook me to my bone marrow said.

We were in deep trouble because the break was over and so the school was a little bit quiet because lessons was going on so her moans would have been heard from anyone that passed the library area.

My brain was frozen, i stood there waiting like a lamb for slaughter awaiting to be caught, while Judith jumped up from the table and started arranging her uniform.

“I said who is there”the voice said again

“kola, come o, i heard something in library” the voice called out to his friend.

“You don dey mad abi, maybe na rat you hear, you know say librarian no come school today”

“Guy make we just check see”

“Ok na”

I was still standing like an electric pole when Judith drew my hand and we hid under a table.

The two students came in and we saw they were prefects, they look around, the room was pretty dark so they did not see us, my heart was beating like a thunder strike.

Finally they left and i heard the other prefect yabbing his friend about going to search for a rat sound in the library.

After they left, Judith tried kissing me again but i pushed her off because i had lost all interest and what was on my mind was to go back to class.
‘Who is the class prefect’ a tiv prefect called Jacob said.

The class prefect got up and senior Jacob faced him.

‘So you are the monitor of this stubborn crass’ the prefect exploded a grammatical blunder.

‘If i hear any of you marking noise again, you would all face the conse conse’. He threw another bullet which prompt me to correct him.

‘Senior its not conse conse, its consequences’ i corrected him, only that i had dug my grave with my left hand.

‘Are you mad?’


‘I said are you mad?’

‘No na’ i shouted back.

‘You this rat, do i look like your mate, abi your papa no born you well?’

‘Senior i no be rat o’ i answered again which made him more mad.

‘Come out my friend, when am through with you today, you would no that am senior Jacob’

I came out and he dragged me out by my ear.

‘Today you would dig your height’ he took me to a field and told me to carry a hoe and start digging.

I looked at him and it dawn on me that i was supposed to dig the ground up to my height. I knelt down and started begging him.

‘What’s going on there’ a voice said. I looked up to see mr Ephraim, the man my dad left me with to take me to my class coming right to us.

‘Sir this boy was abusing me when i came to tell their class to shut up’ senior Jacob continued his assault on english language.

I looked at him but kept quiet to avoid further problem.

“Ok Jacob, just leave him, he is a new student” mr Ephraim instructed him and i was allowed to go back to the class.

When i got back, every body were looking at me like i came back from Jerusalem, it was only Judith that talked to me, she told me that senior Jacob was the head boy and he was the most wicked prefect in the school and that i should avoid looking for trouble.

I promised myself to deal with senior Jacob one way or the other; an opportunity that did not take long to manifest.

‘You this boy, how many times would you come late’ uncle boko said.

Mr Boko was a tall lanky teacher who was the teacher on duty for that week.

Am sure that if Boko harm was around then mr Boko would have been their oga@ the top.

Since my first day in school i had been coming late and i always gave him different reasons ranging from;

‘sir am a new student too, sir am not feeling fine and other vices i used to escape been flogged.

But mr Boko had recognised me and he was not letting me go scout free again, i had ran out of ideas.

‘Oya turn your back’ the last thing i hate in this world is to be flogged, i have always been afraid of cane, so when he started flogging me i was dancing ‘awilo’ then i saw Mercy who also came late.

In my bid to form lover boy, i told uncle Boko to flog me for Mercy. My back was hurting when i went to my class.

I had manage to hold the tears which were forming in my eyes, but when i got to class everyone was looking at me.

They must have seen when i was been flog and the all started telling me; ‘eya, sorry o’ the cane pain you.

That was it, my tear barrier i had been managing to hold broke down and i started shedding tears like a new born baby.

Judith took me and comforted me by petting my head and putting me on her bosoms which made me happy and i felt the current more from her bosoms.

We had not discuss anything about our library experience because i was too shy to discuss it.

The business studies teacher came in, my Sunny, who was also our form master entered our class without any cane.

We were surprised, mr sunny always brought a cane or koboko to class and i remembered during his last lesson he told us that he would stop bringing cane, we taught he was joking but we believed him now or so we tot.

We started making noise because we saw no cane with him, he told us to stop making noise, but we refused to heed to his instructions.

He raised his shirt collar up and lo and behold there was koboko hanging on his neck.

Our arse and backs were anointed with fire that day, when he was through he told us that he wont bring the koboko again, a lie we never believed.

During break period, Mercy came to my class and i followed her to the market square where food is sold. She thank me for taking her cane that morning.

I asked for her class and she told me that she was in jss1, i remember that i jumped primary 5, so she bought things for me and we gisted, i left her and went to my sister class to see her.

When i got there, some naughty girls were all calling me my husband and they were dragging me to come sit on their laps. I was damn shy and i ran to my sister seat and gisted with her.

When i was going out, her classmate caught me and started forcing me to sit on her laps, i begged her to let me go but she refused and said i should kiss her first.

That statement got my blood boiling with shyness and a spirit that i don’t understand to this day came over me. I looked at her and gave her a thunderous slap on her face.

It seem like the drugs given to me washed off and i realised my mistake.

The whole class was shock and they all looked at me in wonder. I was expecting the girl to run after me and beat me up or punish me, but she just sat down stunned holding her face and looking at me.

I did not allow anybody to tell me again, i flee for my life and went to my class, i was always looking back to see if she would come because my class has two doors.

I was planning to flee if she arrives but she never came and my mind started to rest again. So i continued my trouble making stuff and gisting with pals.

I totally forgot the girl i slap, ow that was my mistake.

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