Chapter 17: Woman Affairs

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‘Guy my body dey scratch me to play game, where e dey na’ solomon asked while still smiling.

‘I think say you come carry am night’

‘I resemble wizard’

‘Sorry, you no be wizard but the game don disappear’

‘What!! how we go do now’

we finally settled that day that i would be paying him in instalments till another game is bought for the owner.

I did enough thieving and hustling before i got half of the money while he contributed half and we bought a new game.

After a week of buying a new game, i was bored at home and i started searching things, i just entered my aunty’s room and i flip her bed and lo and behold my lost game was laying under her bed.

‘So na aunty carry this my game abi’ i then remembered how i threw her clothes in water and she telling me that my time is coming.

I was overjoyed and so i resumed my game playing mood and then i took the game to school the next day thinking that nobody will figure it out.

‘Guy no be this game that you said was lost’ solomon asked when i sighted the game.

‘No this one na my papa buy am for me’ i lied.

Solomon was flaggerabasted and he took the game and showed some of our classmates who remembered us playing it. They confirmed that it was the same game.

‘Wetin go happen, we go give this one back to the owner then we would collect ours that we bought and be taking it home for a week each.

I did not want to lose the game so i insisted that it was not that game that was lost.

Solomon calmly looked at me and asked me for the last time, i still claimed it was mine, he said ok and then we went out for break and bought food for me and him.

That was the greatest friend i ever had(i wish we would meet again) i taught smiling.

‘Peter is the classwork too simply that you are smiling’ judith awakened me from my thoughts.

And then i remembered that i was in a maths class and i saw class work on the board, everyone were frivolous writing while i sat like an organic fool with no idea of anything in my mind except dubbing.

Dubbing is an act of stretching of the neck to see and copy what other people wrote.

Judith was not a dubbing option because she concentrated more on pressing her bottoms on me than listening to the teacher.

The only person that seem good enough to dub from was the boy i fought with, a fulani boy called Sanusi.

If i was a master dubber, Sanusi was an anti-dubber, because as much as i wanted to look at his work, he covered it like a snail.

I then saw Judith dubbing from another source so i joined her, atleast it was better than 0.

‘Gling, gling, gling’ it was the bell rung for break. I saw jss1 students running outside like excited mice and i wondered if i was like that during my jss1.

Then Judith touched me and say can we continue from where we stop.

‘where we stop as how’ i asked forming ignorant.

She said she would show me later, she took me out and we went to the food store which she bought me alot of yummies and then finally my favourite snack; fried groundnut.

I was just following her like a dude going for shopping with his sugar mummy. We finally went back to class and ate what we had bought while gisting about ourselves.

She told me she had a younger brother in jss1 and that she is Tiv by tribe and other stuffs, she finally told me that she had no boyfriend, a lie that i took hook, line and sinker.

When the break was about ending she told me to follow, so with my mind beating i followed her and we went into the library, my Jos case just rang in my head and i felt something good was around the corner but i played cool boy.

‘What are we doing inside library, abi do you like reading books’ i asked her coolly, even when i saw her going to close the window well.

‘The librarian is not around, she is pregnant so she is not coming today’ she said and sat on a table.

‘So are we the ones going to take care of the library till she comes’ i asked another stupid question.

‘Yes or maybe’ she smiled seductively and her hands went down and opened her two upper buttons to reveal to me a lacy bra that showed her voluminous cleavage.

‘Oboy, see breast, i tot this babe is hot.

‘Ok let me ask my question again; have you ever bleep a girl before. She asked while looking at me intently.

There was no way i would like to miss what was in my front, so i tot carefully and said no.

She smiled and said, ‘come on the let me show you’

my legs were stiff and so many dirty thoughts were running through my mind, until my brain sent a message to my legs, telling it to move.

I was walking like a robot in a trance and when i got nearer she kissed me, i appeared in heaven again.

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