Chapter 16

Bayo: Ezinne ! Bby! Hwfar na…you dey vex with
your bby boo. What can I be without you?
Ezinne didnt smile or even pay attention to him,
she had a frown on.
Ezinne: Kekere howfar na, how body?
Me: I dey o…
Ezinne: wetin you go drink?
Me: gimme Small Stout.
Bayo: Olobe ni e
Ezinne…Omalicha…Nwayoma. no go ask
wetin I go drink?…just gimme 33 sha.
She hissed and went away.
Me: what did you do to piss her off?
Bayo: No be that silly Bose, I tell am say hungry
dey catch me, she say na only for Ezinne bar she
go buy me Nkwobi. As a sharp guy, I call Ezinne
say me and my sister they come her shop come
chill small. As we reach here na, Ezinne come dey
greet Bose as sister-inlaw. Bose no suppose shut
up?…na him she eye Ezinne. Bose wey no dey call
me bby, even if we dey straff na….Bayo..
bayo…yay…yo…that afternoon she call me bby for
Ezinne front.
Me: you be sharp guy na
Bayo: broda mi, if you taste the Nkwobi wey she
serve me…chai…the salt and pepper no be here..I
no even chop one meat finish…I give up.
Just as he was finishing his tale, Ezinne strolled in
with the drinks. Looking at him with disgust she
Ezinne: where is our wife?…she no come today?
Bayo: ahn ahn, Ada owerri, let bye gone be bye
gone…you are the woman of the season..oya come
sit down for my lap.
Ezinne: God go punish that your lap..I no knw
wetin I see for your bodi sef..beta ibo boys dey
come toast me…I say na Ngbati dey worry me.
Bayo: But you like my Ngbati gala…no be u dey
call am Ezenwata motors?
I laughed out
Ezinne: Bayo I swear you be mad person..mad
Bayo: no open dat beer for me o…I go open am
myself, before u put love portion inside…lool…I no
do kelekele love kelekele love o…
Finally Ezinne smiled.
After she had served us and gone to attend to
other peeps I looked at Bayo with a stick of
Benson in his hand and complete sports on his
Me: Tell me everything, dont lie to me.
Bayo: what I will tell you now….will change
everything. ..

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