Chapter 16: New Place, New Life

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We arrived at Makurdi on a hot afternoon, with our belongings and we went to the church parsonage and packed our loads.

After that we went round the state and saw river Benue, etc.
‘Mehn if Makurdi sweet as it looks i no mind to stay here for ever’ i tot.

We went to our senior pastor’s place and i met his children watching destiny kids Vol. 1.

‘This old men and women no dey tire to call themselves kids’ i said rather too loudly and then an angelic face turned and look at me, all my hatred for girls melted and could not help but utter ‘wow’.

‘My name is Mercy and yours’
‘Uduak’, i said. I later found out that she was only a week younger than me, not bad at all i taught.

Her younger brother’ kolobo’ but kolo for short was a very stubborn boy, as he just saw me the first thing that came out of his mouth was; ‘you sabi play ball’.

‘Yes na, i be okocha sef’ i lied proudly. He was glad somebody had shown up to be friends with because he was the only son his father had.

Kolo was the complete opposite of chokolo(their name rhyme sef), his was slim, with dry legs and he had a big head that could put big show head to shame.

‘At least i go fit beat this one’ i tot silently while scrutinising him. One thing that rhymes with kolo was his sturbon and stupid character, maybe he was born in a pshycatric hospital which made his mother to give him that name.

He quickly took me downstairs with a football and we started playing like two mad he-goats, after that we went into the church and started teaching me how to play drums.

Back in the church in Akwanga any small child that nears the choir stands always goes back with a solid knock but in Makurdi the pastor’ children were allowed to do as they wish.

‘Not bad atall for a big place’ i tot.

We went in later and ate and watched that dry destiny kids songs(though it was fun then because we were following them to sing ‘joy, joy, joy, it was our favourite back then).

We later went to the church for evening services and other stuffs, we gisted and played that night and i also got mercy to start calling me her husband because the rate i read the bible verse that was called in church that day gave me respect and other girls started noticing me.

‘next tomorrow we are going to register you in your new schools’ my dad told us about one week later.

‘I hope is the same school with Mercy’ i asked with excitement in my mind.

‘When we go there, you would see’ he answered his normal answer.

I slept with alot of good dreams in my mind and anticipation to start school.
‘Sir this are my children’ my father introduced us to the proprietor of the school we were about to enter’.

I remembered him now, he was the same person that my sister was going to his school while i was inside belly. He took us to write a small exam and my dad paid everything and purchased our uniforms; a blue trouser and skirt and a white shirt for i and my sister.

We went home in excitement and we were in a hurry to start schooling again.

On the monday of resumption, my dad took us to the school and i saw as they were trashing some students we passed safely without anybody touching us and went to the vice principal office who was our church member.

My dad left us there and the man took us and showed us to our classes, i, jss2 while my elder sister jss3. It was because i wrote my common entrance in primary four thats why i followed her in class.

I look around and i saw new faces, some Fulani kids, Tiv boys, Ibo boys, Jukun boys with their dirty uniforms etc.

Then someone bumped into me and i turned to see a fat girl that could give birth to me standing by my side smiling sheepishly at me.

‘Why na every class i dey i go dey see mama and papa inside’ i taught.

‘So what’s your name’ she asked smiling with her gap tooted teeth.

‘Am Peter’ i said and went to seat in the only vacant desk i saw.

She came and sat with me and it was then i know that was also her seat, so i resigned myself to fate.

‘Ok am Judith’ she said smiling again.

‘Abi this girl dey perform close up advert’ i tot.
She shifted nearer to me and pressed her bottom to my side, i felt it and my mind started thinking of many bad things which made my dick hard.

She must have seen my erection because she brush it with her hands like she wanted to take something at my side and her hand stayed there longer than usual which made my mouth dry.

I wanted running from the seat but other seats were filled up so i stayed put and started saying the lord’s prayer in my mind.

‘You don fuck girl before’ she whispered in my ears, which jolted me from my recitation and i looked at her smiling that wicked smile again.

‘Good morning sir, we are happy to see you God bless you sir’ the whole class chorused when our form master came in.

She wrote a note to me saying ‘meet me during break’.

Chai i don die, i looked around Mercy was not in my class.

We all wrote down our names for Mr Sunny(rip) to put down in his register. He gave us his commandments and other rules.

What was in my mind was the note that Judith sent to me.
‘Abi is it a trap’ i taught.

‘Young man what did i say last’ mr sunny interrupted my thoughts.

‘Sir you said, young man what did i say last’ i said feeling my sense.

He looked at me and frown his face knowing that i knew his plan exactly. My mind was beating fast but when he kept quiet i calm down.

‘You students should not make noise, you know that jss3 class is next to yours so don’t come and meet me if you are punished’ mr sunny told us before packing his register going out of our class.

‘I would be your business studies teacher, so when you have my period come and call me’ he stopped at the door and told us before leaving.

‘So jss3 used to flog jss2’ i turned with confusion looking at judith.

‘Ehen na, even us can punish jss1’

‘This is not bad at all, at least jss1 go start to the suffer for my hand’ i tot.

Judith was boring me with stupid gist while rubbing my arms and neck which made me shy so i got up and told her i want to greet my other class members.

I stood up and saw a boy reading an arabic book, as a trouble maker who wanted to get noticed i snatch the book and ran, when i turned he had not followed me, he just sat looking at me.

I looked at the book and saw it was a Koran.

‘Chai bros sorry, na mistake’ i told him while i gave him back. We introduce ourselves and he said his name was Jamilu, i smiled at him and we shook hands while i went to look for another person to trouble.

I saw a boy gisting with some big babes in class and i wondered how a small boy would be controlling big babes like this na.

I took a seat and joined them, the look i was given shocked me.

‘You see your mate for here’ the boy among them asked me.

‘You wey be fulani man with design for face you no get respect abi’ i said running my mouth.

Before i said Jack Bauer he slapped me hard and we started fighting while the other students were encouraging us.

‘Who is making that noise’ a voice interrupted us which made us all scamper to our seats like little mouses.

‘If we hear any voice again you students would be dealt with, so sleep now on your desk’.

I saw the student talking to us was also wearing a short sleeve shirt, so i asked him.

‘Guy which class you dey sef, and you dey come punish students’ i ran my mouth before remembering what uncle Sunny told us about the rules of leadership in the school.

‘Oya follow me now, stupid boy’ the jss3 student told me.

I followed him and he told me to kneel down in front of the class. As i knelt down i saw different colour of panties from those girls who said their legs cant be closed.

‘Thats my brother, Samson’ i heard my sister voice, which made me angry because i was having a great view from underneath.

‘ok get up’ senior Samson said so i thank them and left.

I went back to class and our mathematics teacher entered and wrote ‘logarithm’ on the board.

‘Ow i moaned, maths was my worst subject till date and so i used that time to think about what i wanted to do during break, Judith’s note, Mercy and finally my mind went to the thought of Solomon my friend in Akwanga and other stuffs.

That reminds me, solomon was the best friend i ever had, what happened between both of us one day made me smile……. Back to memory lane.

‘Guy come see something’, solomon told me one day in school. He was hiding something in his bag and i went to him and saw him with a computer game.

I was so excited and we both played together when ever the teacher was not around. When school close that day i had gotten addicted to the game and i begged solomon to give me to take it home, it was not his but he gave me and told me to take care of it.

I played the game from the school till i got home and i did nothing that day, i was just playing it and ignored any work i was given.

The next morning when i woke up i dressed to school so i wanted to play the game small before going to school. When i opened my bag, it was game less.

I opened my eyes in shock and disbelief, how could the game disappear. Abi the owner of the game is a witch who came to collect the game in the night.

I asked myself, i searched my whole books and saw nothing. I cried but i figured out that it was better to go explain myself to solomon and face his anger than stay at home and allow my father see me.

I walked solemnly to school and met solomon smiling at me.
‘Abi na him come disappear my phone’ i tot.

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