Chapter 13

I had been here regularly. I could feel it as I
boarded a bus inwards. I wanted the bus to lead
me to any place I could recognise. But after going
in circles for a while, I saw Mr Biggs at 21 road.
And that looked mighty familiar. ..
My heart rate increased as I entered the eatery.
The smell, the decor, everything felt old. Then a
flash passed through my brain for like 2 seconds.
The image was that of a girl but it was only her
mouth opened as she laughed that I saw. She was
happy. I was sitting or standing across her. Who
was she?..girlfriend?..just a friend?
I approached the counter to get meat pie and
Fanta. Hoping I was such a customer that they
knew by name and shared greetings with. The
name tag on the girl that was to attend to me read
After staring at her and all I got back was a stare
to, I crashed.
Ijeoma: sir can I take your order?
Me: Meatpie and Fanta.
Ijeoma: Eat-in or take away?
Me: Eat-in. Or all the times I come before do I ever
take it away?
I was pushing my luck, hoping something will
come thru.
Ijeoma: I have never seen you before.
Me: Not even in my shirt and jean?
Ijeoma: is there anyoda thing you want sir?
That was another brickwall. I went gently to my
seat. I wasnt even sure Fanta tasted really good.
The meatpie was tasteless.
I looked up at Ijeoma, she wasnt attending to
anybody, she was whispering to the ears of a
colleague, who looked at me and laughed. I was
sure they thought I was toasting Ijeoma.
After eating, I strolled down the streets to a bridge
that connectef Festac to its Extension, Amuwo
Odofin. Ontop of the bridge, I realised my only clue
was that smile. That was the only connect I had. I
tried focusing on it, seeing if my head could
produce more images.
It was almost 4pm when I gave up. I took another
ride around festac but I didnt expect any result.
Then the phone rang.
Me: Hello
Caller: its me Cynthia, the nurse.
Me: oh, hello..
Cynthia: I think I found something.
Me: oh, Thank God!..please tell me.
Cynthia: I cant talk here.
Me: so where can I meet you?
Cynthia: I would text you my address, please come
Me: thank you very much. You are an angel.
Cynthia: No, I am about to betray my employers
Then she hung up.
Less than 2 minutes a message came in. Her
address was at Gowon Estate, Egbeda. But the
words ‘betray my Employers’ kept ringing in my
I thought of Bayo, Shade. .all the others…what did
they know. What did Cynthia find out?. This is
definitely thicker than normal…….

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  1. I hope you told Bayo the latest development and maybe go to see the nurse with him.

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    full of suspense….i think this blog/web-arena is going places.

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