Chapter 12

Lota hospital was a three story building. The lobby
had the distinct smell of drugs and disinfectant. I
met a nurse at the reception, she was looking bad.
Nurse: Goodmorning how may I help you.
Me: I was admitted here some two months
ago..June 5th/6th. I wanna check my records.
Nurse: your card number?
Me: I dont knw..
Nurse: are you registered?
Me: I was operated on here
Nurse: hmmm, whats your name?
Me: ermmmmm….I cant remember
The look she gave me could heat up an iceberg. I
decided my only option was to explain everything
to her. I could see understanding in her eyes.
Nurse: ok I will go thru the records and see if any
matches you. Just give me your number and I
would call you when something comes up.
Me: I dont have a phone, lemme get my friends
I dashed outside to see Bayo talking to a girl
selling bread.
Me: Bayo give me your phone.
Bayo: oh brother, meet kafayat.
She smiled, exposing very brown teeth.
Bayo: so if I buy all this bread on your head, will
you follow me home?
She started blushing.
Me: Bayo, your phone na!
He gave me the phone without looking at me. All
his attention was on the bread seller. As I left I
heard him ask her ‘is your bread as soft as your
bosom, can I confirm?’
After I gave her Bayo’s number and collected hers,
she assured me that my amnesia was a matter of
time, that I would start remembering stuffs little by
Bayo : howfar, so wht did you find out?
Me : nothing..I gave her your number sha, so I
could get a call from her. What happened to the
bread girl
Bayo: as I wan touch her bobi, the slap no be here
Me: nice one.
Bayo: so where next?
Me: Festac, First gate. Accident place.
Bayo: wetin be the idea?
Me: just take me there…
Bayo: yes boss!
On our way to Festac, my hope arose again. I felt
like I was going to my origin. Even the pot holes
and the careless way Bayo rode couldnt dampen
my spirit.
On getting there, Bayo pointed to a corvette, saying
thats where the car was.
Bayo: dem dey catch people with okada for here o,
make we dey go.
Me: I cant, I feel something here.
Bayo: them go seize my okada o
Me: dont worry you can go, I go sort myself.
Bayo: you are not in d right sense to be alone.
Me: Don’t worry, just go. Greet Shade and Bimbo
for me.
Bayo: ok o…
He brought out his phone and gave me . He also
gave me 3k.
Me: what for?
Bayo: I go dey call you. .
Me: with which phone?
Bayo: na only me Shade dey use her phone call. I
go dey use her phone until I see u again.
Me: thanks bro.
Bayo: buy charger for the phone. Shade number
dey the contact list. me. I dey go Bose
As we shook, I felt this was the last time I would
see him. I felt bad. But I had to roam festac.
Hopefully someone will knw me and who I used to

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  1. Nice story so far.

  2. Great story so far I concur too. Bayo has a good heart from the way the story line as been. Hope Kekere finds out he is a kings son so he can compensate Bayo for all the love and devotion to getting him okay

  3. iykmora

    Nice story…funny and touching!!! More abeg

  4. Cool story. Love the pidgin English

  5. Hmmm
    I can relate to this story

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