Chapter 11

Alhaji should be in his mid 50s, he had been born
black but some heavy bleaching made him fair,
except his knuckles and cheekbones. He walked
with a slight tilt , his stomach was potruded, he
also had black lips.
As soon as Bayo saw him, he prostrated , it felt
awkward for me to the likewise, but everyother
person was prostrating and he had probably saved
my life. So I prostrated.
Alhaji: Bayo, I see our friend is ok nw, why hasnt
he gone home?
Bayo: he cannot remember anything.
Other people looked at me at this point. Some with
pity, others with amusement.
Alhaji: whats your name son?
Me: kekere.
Alhaji: hehehehe..kekere naa lo ma je.
Me: thanks for rescuing me
Alhaji: Alhamdulilah
His golden tooth flickered.
Alhaji: I am going to the mosque now, you people
should kill the rams and do as you please. See you
There were five rams in the compound. We shared
ourselves into groups. Two peeps each to kill a
ram. Unsurprisingly I found myself paired with the
chief butcher.
While others proceeded to use the hot water
method for scraping the hairs off the body of the
animal, chief butcher decided to burn the top skin
of ours. As we scrapped wit blades I asked him
Me : where are Alhaji’s Children and wives?
Bayo: him children dey for Cyprus, him get three
wives, him build house for each of them.
Me: him get bar scatter be dat o
Bayo: na chairman of park na. You know how
many people dey die because of that position?
Me: hmmmm, anyways he looks to have reaped
the reward.
Bayo: one day, I will be the chairman.
Me: oh…thats your ambition?
Bayi: naaa…thats my destiny.
He smiled as he said those words, like it was
definite issue.
Me: tell me about your parents and siblings.
Bayo: I no sabi my popsi, na me and mumsi dey.
She say him die before dem born me. When I
reach 8yrs, I just wake up one morning, see say
mumsi don run commot leave only me. That yr na
shomolu we dey.
Na d reason y I come dey work for park. Na Alhaji
gimme that bus wey I dey use. I dey deliver for
I don dey save, very soon I go buy correct bus.
Maybe na interstate we go dey ply that time.
Me: you and who?
Bayo: your body dey too hot…me and myself.
Me: when we go enter Lota hospital na, I knw say
dem go get records of me. Probably my phone go
dey my pocket as at the point of accident.
Bayo: After we chop sallah meat, we move.
Me: thanks. So where your mumsi dey now?
Bayo: she don die, I hear say na during childbirth.
Na for Agboju here she die sef.
Me: am sorry
Bayo: olobe ni e o. Wetin concern
I started counting the minutes it would take for me
to find myself. I was excited , but I sure as hell will
miss him.

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