Chapter 11: School Life

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Back to my previous episode…..

When Chigozie called me to his room i saw him naked with his dick standing tall, i could not run and the only word i could mutter was i don die.

My legs could not move, while my brain was shouting run, run, run. Before i could do what my brain was saying, he dragged me to the bed and turned me over with my arse facing up, he ripped out my shorts the next thought that came to my mind was ‘God na so my yansh go tear’.

My mom who had been observing us while playing ball saw me as i entered my neighbour’s room and when she waited a while and i had not come out she thought i went to eat in my neighbours house so she shouted my name to come out.

Chigozie was about inserting his dick in my arse when i heard my name called by my mother, chigozie quickly left me as i ran out. That was how my arse was saved that day.

when i saw Peace that day and gave her food i quickly ran to drop the tray and come back for her but she was gone, i went to our backyard and i saw no other person than Chigozie kissing peace, i felt like kicking Chigozie in the balls but i reduced my anger and left them, that was the last i saw her until she went to paris for her holidays.
Class- Jss 1

Finally i had becoming a secondary school student with alot of freedom or so i tot, after gaining admission into a government school i went with my dad with my locker on my head and my brooms, cut lass etc.

I saw a woman with a school uniform and her son was carrying her desk on his head, with surprise i said too loud.

‘So mama dey go school and pikin dey stay for house’

The woman looked at me with bad eye and i frown like i was not the one that say it.

After the registration aspect i went to my class and my secondary school life started one a good note and bad note.

The good note was the first teacher told us to open our books and read a passage, every body started reading and when a difficult sentence was reached they all kept quiet and were expecting the teacher to help when a small voice kept on reading till the end without mistake.

When i was through all eyes were on me including the teacher and a was nicknamed william Shakespeare because i could break down grammar like a professor without failing. The whole class clapped for me and i saw a girl at the back row winking at me.

‘Mehn this school aint bad at all’ i said silently, but i had not seen trouble yet.

After a long time without any teacher which is a normal thing in public schools i slept on the desk and started dreaming my most favourite dream; marrying a white woman.

In the dream i was doing my marriage ceremony with a Britney spears look alike and we were about cutting the cake and feeding it to her when my best man gave me a hot slap on my back, i was angry and slapped him hard on his face and said God punish you.

The second slap i got from my best man woke me up from fantasy land, i had just slapped my head boy.

‘So you are not afraid, first you refuse to greet me when i came to the class, secondly when i slapped you to wake up you slapped me and cursed me, oya comot now’ he shouted.

That was then i realised that my best man had been my head boy.

‘Senior abeg na dream cause am’ i begged with tears coming down my cheeks.

‘When am through with you today you would forget how to dream’.

He dragged my shirt outside and told me to lie down under the hot sun, luckily for me the girl that winked at me was the head boy’s girlfriend so she begged him and he agreed and gave me five hot strokes before warning to stop sleeping in class. Since that day my eyes are always like fluorescent bulb in class.

I wondered why my first day at school always bring me problem, but my problem that day was far from over.

My last lessons that day was P.H.E and it was taken by a female teacher, the aunty likes sitting down while teaching and her legs are always open, on that fateful day she came and sat on my desk with her legs wild open in my face as if inviting me to eat her.

My brain was losing focus at the sight i saw, her pants went one side and i could she her clit, my young man was almost tearing my trousers as if he was screaming for action, she finished teaching and ask a question pointing at me, she claim that i was nearest to her so i should have an idea of the answer.

My big mouthed dick thinking problem put me in a whole bucket of shit that day,
‘you stand up and answer my question, what is gymnastics?’ she fired at me.

What came to my mind was to say gymnastics is when you raise your legs and stretch them let people see what’s under your skirt, but i dare not say it if i don’t want my mouth to be used for chewing.

‘My friend get up and answer my question’

‘Ma i don’t know’ i stand with my pole pulling my trousers at 180 degrees centigrade.

She looked at me and noticed my tent, i was expecting her to ask me a Jamb question which she did.

‘What is in your trousers’

‘Ma its pencil o’

‘So you are putting pencil in your trouser abi? What’s the meaning of that’

‘Ma na mistake o’

‘See me after school’ she said last and then went out of my class.

‘Na wetin you do this woman’ a black looking ball called solomon asked me.

‘I don’t know’

‘I hear say the woman sabi flog wella’

‘ my yansh don red be that’ i said half hearted wishing i could just rewind back and change seat the time she came and sat on my desk.

The rest of the day went uneventful except during hausa lesson that i sat like a zombie thinking because i knew nothing in hausa then suddenly she asked me a question in hausa again.

‘Na every teacher go dey ask me question, abi na only me sabi book’ oops i had spoken out loudly to everyone’s hearing, that was how i landed the whole class inside another trouble.

‘Oya dukan ku bring all of your books outside we are writing test’ she ordered everybody.

I sat down miserably on my desk waiting to get zero when a hand touch me at my back.

I turned to see the black boy solomon looking at me with concern in his eyes, i ignored him and face front.

‘Guy you no go write test’

‘I no sabi hausa na wetin you want make i write’

‘oya bring your paper’ he collected my empty sheet and wrote everything for me.

When we submitted the aunty who had eyes on me mark my script and she saw that i got it all, she was surprised and said, so out know hausa like this.

‘Yes ma’

‘Class get up and clap for this boy’

My head was swimming in euphoria and i looked at solomon and nodded my head in appreciation to him, he just smiled. I had totally forgot about the PHE aunty.

Finally it was the last period and it was english language, my favourite, the teacher was teaching a comprehension passage and we were given the questions to answer as class work, before five minutes i was through with mine and i was waiting for the sluggards hausa kids to finish writing theirs.

A hand touch me at my back and i angrily shouted;
‘Na who be that’. The teacher heard my voice and walk to my side and asked me what the problem was i told him somebody was disturbing me at my back.

‘So you were touching him to give you answer abi’ the teacher told a student,

i turned to see who was that and it turned out to be my hausa saviour solomon.

‘So this boy no sabi english’ i felt angry at myself for exposing him. The teacher was now standing by his side waiting for him to write something. I had to think fast.

‘Sir its like someone is looking for you outside’, the teacher quickly went outside and i exchanged my paper with solomon’s own, and started writing.

‘Where is the person that was calling me’

‘Sorry sir maybe its a farmer’

He went back to solomon seat and miraculously solomon was through already, he could not believe his eyes he just kept quiet.

When we were through we quickly exchange our paper and went to submit.

At the end of school he came and met me and in introduce himself as solomon sunday and i told him mine and we shook hands and went away.

That was when i remembered madam gymnastics, i ran to the staff room with my heart pounding and i saw her with two other teachers left, she told me to sit opposite her and wait till she was through, that moment she opened her legs again and i saw another wonders; she was not wearing panties again, i broke into a sweat, my head was processing and storing the various images for further usage and my dick was struggling to catch a glimpse of the action but my zipper was pressing its head.

Finally the other teachers were through and left and me and madam PHE were left in the staffroom.

Come i sit down by my side she ordered and my brain went into full collabo…..

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