9: Last Passenger To Alicante

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Right inside Chigbo’s apartment, I removed the sim card in his phone and put my French Sim; then i called Patrick.
To make sure he didn’t recognise my voice, i sealed the phone quickly with a nylon waterproof. It produced a kind of band around the cell phone.

“Hello, who are you?” Patrick said as soon as the phone rang once.

“Good Evening Sir” I greeted him first.

“Please I got your contact number from one of my friends in Amsterdam” I said trying not to mention Chigbo’s name.
“Are you the guy who wants to make Kpali?” He asked;
I confirmed.

“Where are you now?” he asked.
I told him i was still in France and that i will come tomorrow with train.

“Which city should i come?” I asked.

He said he was in Alicante where he was renewing his papers but that I should come to Elche, another city very close to Alicante where i was going to apply for my own.

“Alicante is difficult to get papers now. Elche is where new people are applying for their own” he said.

“Please how much is going to be enough to apply for it?” I asked, knowing that he would surely make sure he got money for himself from me.

“Local Government Form is €400, Job evidence form €1000, application fee €400, Birth certificate €300, hospital clearance €300 and transport money for the person who will be processing it for you. Total is about €2400 plus the transport money. Just map out €3000” He said; I agreed.
   That was the trail of paper fraudsters all over Europe. They never remember to add Cents behind the amounts they demanded from their victims. 3000 Euros was enough to apply for three different papers but Mr. Patrick said it could just process one. Applying for papers in Spain was never the problem. The problem was that there was no evidence or guarantee that the application would be approved. Nobody in his right senses would pay that kind of money just to gamble. But then to keep him happy while he waited for me, i needed to agree to his price list.

“Where is your wallet?” I asked Chigbo.

He said it was in his jean pocket.
I brought it out and spread the contents on the table. Two extra Sim cards were there together with some piece of papers.
I took the sim cards and all the piece of papers i saw written phone numbers on them.
When i finished, I went to his room and searched. As suspected, there was the second phone; i picked it up too and when i returned to the sitting room, i announced my leave.

“Remember my warnings” I said as opened the exit door and left the apartment.

“Maria” I said on the phone as soon as she answered my call.
“There is always something out of ordinary each time you call my real name, what is it this time and where are you?” she said.

“I am going to the Airport to check if i can get a flight to Spain. There is urgent business that required my attention. If i get a plane, i will travel this night and return tomorrow” I said.

“You mean i am going to stay here alone tonight?” she asked.
“Call Precious to come to Almere or go to their apartment in Kraianest. In fact let me call Robin and tell him that you are coming” I said.

“Don’t worry, i will sleep here alone” She said.

Inside the Snoda heading to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, i dismembered Chigbo’s second phone and packed it together with every communication item i picked up in his house, then i waited until we got on top of the bridge across the large canal below the Amsterdam Central Station where i threw them out of the Car window and into the canal.

The last EasyJet airline going to Alicante was already boarding when i got to their counter.
Fortunately for me, there were vacant seats available.
They sold a ticket to me and directed me to the area where i would board the plane. I was the last passenger who entered the plane before the air control tower cleared us to fly out.

It was 01:24 when we arrived in Alicante Airport. As a result, there was nothing i could do that night; not that i wanted to do anything that night anyway. I told Patrick that i was coming with train, he wasn’t yet expecting me. He was not even my target, i went to Spain for Ikenna.

All through the Journey to Spain, i wondered if Chigbo has been able to free himself. I wondered how he was going to actually do that.
Shout for the neighbours to come or try to do that by himself.
The ropes which i made from the bedsheets were not strong; he could free himself in an hour or two if he tried hard.
The chances of him alerting the neighbours was very slim. He was illegal in Holland, deported and returned without the knowledge of the Dutch authorities. If he disturbed the neighbours, they would most likely call the Police. The Police would demand for resident permit before anything else. Chigbo was in a fixed trouble and his best bet was just to struggle hard to free himself by himself.
Then after that, he would start to find a way to alert Patrick and Ikenna. If he knew any of their phone numbers offhand, he would be faced with the task of finding a way to call them since i took his phones.

Based on my own logic, i concluded that the chances of him contacting the Spanish duo was very slim.

Alicante was a very bubbling coastal City near Elche and Murcia. Valencia was not even too far from it. It was also a tourist city because right from the airport, i heard people speaking German, French and Dutch. I heard and knew all the three languages and could at least understand French and Dutch to a considerable extent; as for German, i could hold myself on that any day.

As i walked out of the airport, it occurred to me that i have turned into a machine capable of processing four major European languages at a time.
How i got myself into such life baffled me. My childhood wish of traveling to far away lands have been fulfilled by circumstances beyond my imagination and all i could do was to pray that my steps be guided by He who sent me.

Even though, i walked through the valley of the shadow of death, yet i feared no evil.

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