The Religion – Chapter 1

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This book is dedicated to Chigozie Ogu, the girl I loved and lost.

“Death is our greatest fear… the only way to face it is to die”… Frank3.16.


Chapter 1

Daniel Ikoha looked out of his window; at last the morning had finally come. He

stood up and stretched his body. Today was the D day. He had planned it all and

today, he was going to execute it. Nothing was going to stop him from taking his

His head was pumping, he had almost finished the bottle of Red Label he had in

his bar last night. He couldn’t wait for the morning to come so he had to soak

himself in alcohol. He also didn’t want to evaluate his intended action during the

This wasn’t the first time Daniel had planned to do this. In fact this was the fifth

attempt. His friend, Dr. Samuel whom he had confided in had talked him out of it

at the earlier stage of this plan. But he wasn’t happy with the fact that he still had

to live with the consequence of not doing what his heart really wanted to do. The

sleepless nights that was filled with thoughts of nothing but regrets and hatred for

Benson. The nights of loneliness and pain that made him felt he was a useless

weakling who didn’t deserve his wife and kid.

That was why he decided to avoid Samuel; he also decided to avoid the world.

They were incapable of seeing things from his point of view.

Then there was that voice, the voice that always discouraged him. This voice was

his conscience only that this time his conscience didn’t work in his favour. It

usually popped up during the quiet times of the night. It would become so loud that

the neighbors could hear if they listened. It reminded him that what he intended

But how could it be wrong when the decision of not doing it usually came back to

haunt him the next day. It devastates him when he sees Benson walking freely

while his wife and kids were dead and gone forever!

He was tired of his life. He was tired of being lonely. He couldn’t function

normally in the world again. Life was meaningless without his wife and kid.

But today, it was going to be over. Today he would do what he was supposed to do

for the past two years. Today he was going to end it all. Today was going to be the

last for both the victim and the offender.

The light from the rising sun coming in through the window was not bright enough

to lighten the room. So Daniel walked to the switch on the wall nearby and turned

the light on. He reflexively dimmed his eyes as the light from the white bulb in his

room hit his face. He tried to shield his eyes with his right hand while his left hand

remained on the switch, soon his eyes started to adapt to the light. But the sight of

Akudo’s picture weren’t hidden from his shielded eyes. He stopped and stared the

picture. She was the most beautiful creature he had even seen. She was the love of

He had had a dream about her last night. In the dream they were finally together

with little Ebere standing beside them with her doll. The dream confirmed that he

must ensure that he executed his plans today. It had given him the courage he

needed. They were going to be together in a couple of hours and he couldn’t wait.

Daniel was determined, his face said it all. He looked around the room, it was

shabby and dirty. Everything about him had always been this unkempt since he lost

his wife and daughter. Who cared about a tidy room when life meant nothing

He should hurry; Benson would be at his office scene by 8am. As far as he was

concerned, Benson would never see the interior of his office again. Never! He

entered into the bathroom to have his bath; he was going to dress his best. He

wouldn’t want Akudo to see him looking unkempt.

It was already 7.55am when Daniel got to the scene. He sat in his ash coloured

Toyota Siena and waited as he concentrated his stare on the popular Omenka Plaza

in Wetheral Road. His mind was blank even as he observed people of the world

walked with seriousness towards different directions obviously going to work or

trying to meet up with an early morning appointment. Daniel didn’t care about any

of them and he didn’t bother to look at anyone twice. But he had a beggar friend

whom he always gave money whenever he came to observe Benson.

This morning the male beggar was staring at him, expecting Daniel to give him

For a long time now, his world has been focused on Benson. And now there was a

lot he could say about him. He knew where Benson worshiped, where he shopped,

ate and even where he clubbed. He had Benson’s daily schedule on his finger tips.

That was why he was sure that he was not already late. He was sure that within the

next five minutes or ten minutes Benson would be heading towards his office on

foot. The car park was located a few meters from his office and so staff must walk

a few distances to get into their office. He had planned it all, he was going to stop

Benson from going into the office.

His eyes met with the beggar’s and Daniel brought out his last 100naira note and

threw it at him. That was the last cash on him, he didn’t need it since he was about

to die. Then he quickly concentrated his whole attention on his direction of

The minutes rolled by as the time drew closer.

Daniel saw him… good. He turned the ignition on and the car came to life.

He was startled by the sudden presence of a frantic lady on the passenger window.

At first he thought it was Akudo, and then he relaxed a bit when he noticed it was a

“Help me, please help me!” she pleaded as she beat the window with her palms.

Daniel didn’t know what to make of this. He quickly looked towards Benson and

noticed that he had already gotten to the G spot, the spot where he was supposed to

jam him with his car. He had intended that the hit would be fatal enough to kill

Now this lady had appeared from nowhere and had distracted him. What does she

want and who in the world was she? Before he could finally decide on what to do,

she had already opened the front passenger door and entered. Daniel realized that

the central lock of his car was not on and instinctively switched it on.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” he asked, actually thinking that she

was a mad woman. With that, he took a good look at the strange woman who just

He had not felt threatened by her presence because she didn’t look dirty or wild.

She just looked confused and it was obvious she was in need of help. But he wasn’t

just happy with her presence. She had greatly disrupted his plan and he was angry

Somehow she reminded him of Akudo, of course a lot of women had reminded

him of his late wife since her demise. She had very dark natural hair; it was

obvious she just retouched it. She was light complexioned with plain large eyes,

small pointed nose and her lips were thick with a line that seemed to divide the

lower lip. He judged that her age should be either 25 or 26.

“I need your help! They are trying to kill me!” she yelled.

“Wha… who is trying to kill you?” he asked in a state of utter confusion. He had

forgotten that the car was still steaming.

“I don’t know who they are, they just attacked me at the…”

Who are you? Look woman I…”

“Please!!” she screamed. She looked towards the direction she came from. “Oh my

God, here they are. Over there, those two men, they are coming for me. Please take

me out of here I beg you” she was really scared.

Daniel couldn’t still understand. He wasn’t even ready to drive out to anywhere.

“Why are they trying to kill you? Why don’t you go to the police?”

“I know I should, but look, they are after me. I have to be alive to go to the police,

There were two of them; their ages should fall between 27 and 32. They looked

like cultist, mean and determined in their sparkling white T-shirts. Daniel

wondered what she had to do with them. Why would such men want to harm this

They were being discreet, looking around them and ensuring that they didn’t make

any scene. They were walking towards the car rather than running.

Poor Miss. GodKnowsWho didn’t look strong enough to run for her dear life. They

knew it and were taking their time in following her. Daniel watched them,

wondering what they were up to. He didn’t really want to get involved and he felt

the open public wouldn’t allow them to take any action. This wasn’t just how he

The first thug approached the car and without stopping for a second to think of his

next move, he stretched his hand to open the door. It didn’t open, he pulled it

forcefully but it didn’t budge.

“What is it you want?” Daniel shouted. His car windows were all rolled up, but he

The lady continued screaming frantically.

The men were obviously more determined than Daniel thought. The first guy had

already pulled out a metallic short axe from his pocket and started to smash the

Daniel became alarmed. Everything was happening too fast. The screaming, the

smashing sound, and the crazy mad men was more than he could bear. The car

engine was still alive, so he stepped on the trotle and quickly drove the car out of

The men were left behind as they watch the car drive away with regrets.

“Who are you? And who are those men? What did you do to them” Daniel asked

as the distance between the action spot and his car increased.

“I don’t know… Oh my head” she touched her head with both of her hands. “I

have no idea who they are. I didn’t do anything to them and I have never seen them

“Woman, I am going drop you off whenever I get to somewhere safe. I don’t know

what you have with those crazy guys and I don’t care, look at my window for

“Please don’t drop me off. I really need your help.” She pleaded.

“Help with what? I don’t know who you are and I am not interested in h…”

“I don’t know who I am.” She cut in.

“What? What do you mean by you don’t know who you are.”

“I can’t remember anything about me. The last thing I remember is waking up this

morning in a hospital bed and these men trying to kill me. I escaped and here I am

Daniel tried to look at her face for a second before returning his gaze back to the

road. He wanted to be sure she was serious and really sane. At least she was

serious, but he wasn’t sure if she was sane.

He remained silent and continued to drive to nowhere in particular.

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