Chapter 1

What else can i do to get a job in this God forsaken country, after my Nd i wanted to use my one year IT to get a good Job so that at least i wont depend too much on my parents when i go for my HND, but can you imagine that after walking the whole of Sango’Ota the only job i saw is sales boy in a restaurant chai na wa, and to add insult to injury the worm in my stomach have started organising conference inside my stomach.
“buy cold pure water, buy cold pure water”
na God go bless that girl, i said in my mind as i got close to under bridge Sango-Ota, Ogun State of Nigeria, “pure water abeg come” i called her.
Me: i hope your water cold well well?
Seller: yes e cold like ice block.
Me: i hope so oh, give me one abeg.
She gave me one and i put my hand inside my pocket and gave her five naira and sip the water like someone in a desert for one week without water, waoh very chill.
Seller: oga my money never complete oh.
Me: what, how much you they sell am?
Seller: na ten ten naira na.
Omo i don enter trouble because na that money be the only kobo wey they my hand.
Me: what! pure water wey i dey buy five naira before?
Seller: oga give me my money joor, you new for this area.
Me: see as i they yan you so i just come from edo and i nor know say ten ten naira abeg i nor get any money with me again except you wan carrying me take pay biko abeg pity me.
The girl look me from up to down, i guess she will be thinking how handsome boy wey dress fine like this go they beg for five naira only.
Seller: i nor go gree oh, you go give me my money today oh, or else this area go scatter na.
As she said that she drop the pure water rubber on the ground and grab my trouser.
Seller: oga give me my money.
Me: madam why you disgrace me like this na, because of only five naira?
Seller: only five naira oya pay am na.
People don they gather, them want watch drama, trust nigeria people na.
Seller: give me my money or give me my pure water.
Passerby1: give her her money na.
Passerby2: how fine boy like you nor get money for pure water
passerby3: hold am well, him must vomit that money today.
Chai na so she hold my trouser and put one hand for waist like person wey ready to full, instead of people to help me they surround us like say na stadium we they, and me i hate insult pass any other thing.
I dont know what to do and i dont have any money with me,.
Me: okay follow me go first bank wey dey front make i withdraw money give you.
Seller: oya make we they go.
Passerby: guy you be idiot you get money for bank before na im you they disgrace yourself abi?
They start leaving one by one but the girl still hold my trouser.
Me: leave me trouser which one be your own? I tell you i wan run.
Passerby: no leave am oh, him go run.
Passerby2: no worry if him run we go catch, where im fit go.
She leave me trouser and she help herself, as we they go na so people they look me shake head, chai i don suffer, we get to the bank, luckily people no too they there so i ran (i dont have money in my account)
seller: thief oh, thief oh.
She cant run fast because of the pure water on her head, but trust nigeria peope na see the kind wave of people wey run pursue me eeeh, i never even waka go far wey them block me and scatter my head with plank, stick and bottles, them nor even know wetin happen, i just cucuma faint me wey nor get strenght before.

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