21: The Union of Enemies.

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The two police groups exchanged some words in their native language which i didn’t understand. The first group brought out the statement they had gotten from us and showed it to the new group. They also asked Kathy and Brenda … Continued

22: The Divine Mercy

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By the time i finished my inspirational talks to Maria, she was crying.  She had just become the latest among the women who had cried before me. It started with Jennifer, then Chinelo, Ify, Naomi, Ngozi, Esther, Alice, Fatimah and … Continued

24: The Power of Bravery

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There was a Chinese proverb that said something about female species getting more attracted to brave and courageous males. I once read that from a Chinese folklore book. I sat down on my bed and thought about the meaning of … Continued

26: A call to home.

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  “Sit down there before i slap you now” i had said to Alice. Maria had succeeded in luring her to our apartment after convincing her that i won’t harm her. It was the day after I and Maria renewed … Continued

27: The basic calls

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  “Put the phone on speak-out. I want to analyse everything she will say” I said to Maria. “I am not calling Madam Tessy. She brought me to Europe here. She is the person who will help me if i … Continued

29: Apartment 27.

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The following Monday, Maria told me about her friend in Spain who recently brought four teenagers from Africa. According to her, the lady’s method of business was to use her money to bring the girls to Europe, then sell them … Continued