13: The Gods we Serve

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I picked up the Church address and exited the building with Alice before Father Onuigbo. One problem our people also had was that as long as one was proclaimed a pastor or Father or Imam, we all assumed that they … Continued

14: The Unexpected Host

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Fatimah landed at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport that Saturday morning. I had arranged for William to go and pick her up. She had come to start standing in the Swedish streets waiting for every kind of animal called men to … Continued

15: First attack.

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“Father, there is one more thing i need from you. Miss Fatimah’s arrival may have upset the lady you saw with me at the Williams. It is a long related story but i believe the best thing for me to … Continued

19: The Party Crasher.

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  “Did you come with my engagement ring Maria. I was happy when Alice told me that your were coming to Sweden. How about your foot soldiers, did you come with……..” i was saying when the slap landed on my … Continued