50: Amsterdam Red Light District

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Chapter 50. I accidentally met Maria at the Kwakoe festival. She had come for business as she said. We had visited Ify and Samson, then African Kitchen before leaving for Red Light district that Night, we eventually ended up at … Continued

51: Fear

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Chapter 51: Fear. When i got home, I told Maria what had happened between me and Ify. She handled the matter maturely. She told me that she would feel the same way if she was Ify but also said that … Continued

52: Island Ijburg

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Chapter 52: Ijburg Islands. Ijburg is a nearby suburban in Amsterdam. It was a small beautiful suburb reclaimed from the Lake Ij. According to the small history book i found at a bookshop in Amsterdamse Poort, Ijburg was planned for … Continued

53: New Job

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Chapter 53: The new Job. Very early in the morning the following day, i rode my new bicycle to the newspaper plant in Diemen. The manager who had interviewed me the day before was sitting at his desk. He greeted … Continued

54: Dublin

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Chapter 54: Dublin Connection. Chinwendu was a lady from Ozalla in Nkanu area of Enugu state. We had met in the Asylum camp in Eisenhutenstadt Germany. She was pregnant during our stay in Eisenhutenstadt. She was the closest person from … Continued

55: Hope

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Chapter 55 My second day at work was pretty much the same. I had almost quit the job since i had found out what i wanted at Ijburg Islands but i wanted Ify And My Son out of Holland before … Continued

56: Mind of the Gods

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Chapter 56: Mind of the Gods. ”They are with me now” the female voice said over the phone. It was Chinwendu in far away Island of Ireland. Thanks to the wonderful technology called ‘aircraft’. I had just returned from seeing … Continued

57: The returning leg

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Chapter 57: Time to Payback. ”Master how much will you pay me to take care of him” Ricardo said. Money was everything to those Suriname people. They could kill someone for as low as €500. On my own part, i … Continued

59: Two Countries at once

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Chapter 59: The second bullet cut through his thigh as he screamed once more. Nobody could hear him from the outside since every building was usually padded due to the harsh cold weather. ”This gun is loaded with 12 pieces … Continued