40: Take care

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Chapter 40: Take care of him. ”You just returned and carried Samson without even talking to me, i hope everything is alright” Ify had said. ”I have told you to stop living on the edge. Stop scrutinizing every action i … Continued

42: No apologies

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Chapter 42: ”Meet for what” i asked. He said he wanted to apologize for slapping me. ”I don’t need your apologies again Mr Clement. I am going to the Police station to make a statement. I am going to tell … Continued

43: Kwakoe

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Chapter 43: Kwakoe. Kwakoe was a multicultural festival of the ethnic minorities from Africa, The Caribbean and the old Dutch colonies of Surinames and Antilles. It started in 1975. Kwakoe usually started in Summer month of Late July or Early … Continued

44: The Different guy

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Chapter 44. Maria and I took a cab and went to Sinners Nightclub. It was situated in the middle of the city. It was mostly attended by white people which was the new style of life i had started. The … Continued

45: Friends of fishes

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This Chapter is dedicated to little Master David Chibuikem Nwabuisi who is celebrating the second anniversary of his dedication today. My shout out also goes to Miss Cute Bliss who celebrates her Birthday today. Chapter 45: Friend of fishes. As … Continued

46: Game on

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Chapter 46: The game is on. I left Bulewijk and went back to Krainest where most of my things were. When i got to Krainest, i found an old simcard where i had stored all my phone contacts. It was … Continued

47: Plan B

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Chapter 47: Plan B Before Emeka could let out a scream, Ricardo held his mouth tightly and muffled the sounds from coming out. ”I asked if you know me and not where you see me. If you try to give … Continued

48: Jamal Van Algiers

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Chapter 48. When i returned back to the warehouse from where i had gone to send some money to Evelyn for her transportation and other expenses to Onicha-Ugbo, Ricardo and Dennis were still there. They had moved Emeka to the … Continued

49: It wasn’t me

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Chapter 49 The startled Young man looked back. ”Yes, i am Jamal. Who are you” he said. Obviously he didn’t know me. The job of beating me up had been contracted to Emeka who in turn, contacted Jamal to help … Continued