30: The pregnancy and I

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Chapter 30: The pregnancy. For about twenty minutes, i didn’t say anything. Ify had left her seat and came in front of me. She was kneeling down and the tears had started to flow downwards once more. ”How long have … Continued

31: Time to Move

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Chapter 31: The new apartment. I had performed tests as well. The results showed that there was no trace of my hereditary genes on the forming blood/sperm. As expected, it was such a bad news for Ify. She knew that … Continued

32: The Inevitable Change

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Chapter 32: The Inevitable Change One Monday afternoon, I went to the Western Union and sent €500 to Jennifer in Berlin. I told her that i did that for the little Azubuike. I guessed it was the reason why she … Continued

33: The Truth

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Chapter 33: The Truth. ”Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy for the opportunity given to me to speak here today. My name is S** M***a. I have lived for quite sometime in this country and have observed some things that … Continued

34: Welcome to Earth Samson

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Chapter 34: Samson. Eight months after Ikenna and Ehis broke into my apartment, Ifeyinwa gave birth to a boy. Due to the fact that we had no Health Insurance, i paid cash for the maternity bills. The baby looked strong, … Continued

35: The Agony

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Chapter 35: The Agony. ”We need the money first sir” the nurse said. I brought out my leather skin wallet and counted 3 €500 bills, then handed it over to her. ”I will go and get the rest while you … Continued

36: Ikenna Again

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Chapter 36. Ikenna came. ”Bros how far” Ikenna said. I didn’t know the first thing to do. My first impulse suggested that i went inside and get the boiling water, then throw it at his face, but that was an … Continued

37: The Set Up

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Chapter 37: The set up. Heroine was not an expensive drug; at least not as expensive as Cocaine. It was a class B drug produced mostly in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and other countries of that Region. It was a product … Continued

38: You are the suspect

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Chapter 38 Twenty four hours after Police arrested Ikenna and his friend, they visited Ify. I had prepared her for the visit, therefore, it wasn’t a big deal for her to handle. The cops had asked of me, she had … Continued

39: One Week

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Chapter 39. Willie was a fat slob who couldn’t stir himself freely from his chair. ”Allow him to talk first” shouted Oga Joe to Willie the fat. I continued. ”Ikenna even stole my drugs over ten months ago and i … Continued